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Need Help Finding A gluten-free Milk Substitute

03 December 2010 - 09:09 AM


Hoping you guys can help me out here!

So this morning I discovered Rice Dream is processed with barley, leaving it at 20ppm! I need another milk alternative and for some reason the Silk Almond milk gives me the big D. It might be that Silk is a major mfr of soy products and I've discovered soy gives me D too.

So help! I live in the western part of the US.

I'd like to try a rice or almond product. I seem to tolerate "So Delicious" coconut milk but it's 40 miles away at the Whole Foods store. It has to be stored in the 'fridge so that's only going to be a once a month purchase. I need a suggestion or two or three to try for daily use.

Thx guys


Elimination Diet - Need Help

22 November 2010 - 01:27 PM

Hi all,

I'm thinking I need to do some form of elimination diet to discover what my other "issues" are besides gluten. I was hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. The searching I have done on the Web isn't producing a definitive diet...they seem to vary.

Can any of you provide a link or explain how to do this diet successfully? I'm on the verge of sheer frustration. I was symptom free for 2 weeks and felt like a million bucks. Now I'm started to get reactive to foods I've been eating when I felt so good.

Thanks so much,


Need Some Advice

21 November 2010 - 09:29 AM

Hi all,

I have been reading a number of posts here and you all sound like a very knowledgeable group. I hope you can offer me some guidance. This will get long, so I apologize in advance :)

I don't have the ability to obtain a diagnosis (husband's employer shut down 6/30 & lost medical insurance and we make just a wee bit too much to get insurance through the state). Because Celiac's is auto-immune & is the Great Imitator, I believe I've been struggling with it in some form my entire life.

As a child I was frequently constipated. By my late teens and early 20's I couldn't figure out how I could eat so much fiber (whole wheat bread) and have such a problem. (We ate pretty healthy at my house.) I had to go to an urgent care at one point to get looked at and they kept me home from work taking laxitives & drinking copius amounts of water until it cleared.

Fast forward a few years, after our marriage and birth of our 1st child, and I'm a wreck. I have chronic fatigue, a systemic yeast problem, weight gain, and rotating insomnia and want to sleep all the time. I pray for an answer and walk into a health-food store (this was pre-Internet) and find a book called, "The Body Ecology Diet" which is a healing diet & only lets you eat millet, amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat for grains. It removed all dairy & allowed only lemons for fruits. Within 4 months I was feeling really good and over the next year would be on the diet about 8 of 12 months.

Then I learn about the Atkins Diet. Remove all grains. So I do that, and after some serious "detox" over about 2-6 weeks (intermittent days of feeling super energetic & then conversely tired with occasional headaches/migraines), I find a diet that I feel pretty good on. I can't really go past the "Induction" phase and eat any Atkins products or I feel awful. I do miss fruit and even when I cheat and eat it I feel fine. So for the next 13 of 15 years I intermittently use Atkins to control symptoms and get rid of bloating that has plagued me since my 20s.

Hormonal problems plague me intermittently my entire adult life. At about age 28, I don't have period for 4 months and they think I have cancer. No cancer. After the birth of our son, it takes me 9 years and a miscarriage to have another baby. No doctor really knows why.

To correct my health, I found that if I went on Atkins for 3 months at a time, I could feel better.

Now we've reached late summer 2008. My mom has a severe stroke. My health is good & while I have some weight to lose, I look pretty good & feel great. Over the next year my focus on her health, and not on my own, I start to deteriorate quickly. The stress (I am the only child who lives near her) is so bad that I wonder if I can cope at times. Mom almost dies 3 times. I'm 40 years old at this point and my body doesn't seem as resilient as times past. I can't seem tolerate the acidic nature of the Atkins diet (too much protein) and feel awful on it instead of better. My kidneys seem to be hurting. This is where it gets bad. I start having horrible muscles and joint pains. After a while I start thinking this is vitamin deficiency as all the symptoms fit. I start taking vitamins and cooking from scratch (can you say organic whole wheat?) and I get worse & worse. My blood pressure gets high. I am gaining weight at record speed. Sometimes I think I'm dying of a disease no one knows about. I'm feeling awful most of the time but I just keep going - I have to.

A month ago, I realized I started to suffer from symptoms of anemia and I have a friend I saw from Canada who is a diagnosed Celiac. We get to talking. I start thinking. Come home and research Celiac Disease and am shocked to realize that all this suffering is most likely Celiac. I didn't know it was auto-immune. It did feel like my body was attacking itself. New symptoms kept popping up all the time.

Here were are TODAY. I have been gluten-free for a month. It took a week of headaches and initial feelings of detox but within a week I'm feeling better. I didn't realize I'd been dairy-free the first week but when I ate a low fat gluten-free ice cream bar, I reacted with intestinal pain I'd never experienced before. The next day the inside of my stomach and intestines felt raw & hurt for 2 days. I continued to improve over the next 2 weeks. Then I tried eating gluten-free bread. (Udi's mostly) It was ok but I noticed I started to develop diarrhea. The amount of bread seemed to make a difference. I made bread for myself this past Friday using Jules' gluten-free flour mix and ate probably 4 slices that day -- and it was bad -- if you get my meaning.

So here are a couple of questions: I am not going to get a diagnosis. I can't unfortunately but I am committed to gluten-free because I sincerely believe I'm a Celiac with full-blown autoimmune issues. My first question is: Have you all experienced diarrhea when eating gluten-free bread or bread-products? I'm wondering if my system is just too weak to handle the gums (xanthan, guar etc) and do they cause GI problems for a lot of people? (My husband even reacted to my home made gluten-free bread?) And secondly, do symptoms get WORSE as your body gets better? My guess is that if my intestines are damaged at this point, it will take time to heal. How long has it taken you all to really see symptom-free improvement? Do you give up grains to heal? I'm intersted in what you've had to do to successfully recover?

I need to sift through your responses and keep them in mind to make decisions as I go since I'm going to be going this alone. I am convinced, however, that I probably have other food allergies (at least right now while I'm still not healed).

I appreciate any and all advice & help you can give.

FooGirlsMom -- nearly 43 and ready to get well...

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