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In Topic: Freaking Out, Can't Figure Out What's Causing Itchies In My Son

29 December 2011 - 10:20 PM

Yup, still won't drink it. I think it tasted great! I haven't given up yet though :P I've never tried cashew milk but wondering if she might take to it a little better, maybe a milder taste? Might try it once I can get my hands on some raw cashews.

Cashews are pretty high fat compared to almonds. Perhaps a mix of both to make the milk to start? Sometimes it takes a while to adapt to the higher fat and can cause loose stools at too high a quantity. The causative quantity would be individualized though. Just figured I'd mention it in case the experience comes up.

Good luck to you!

In Topic: What Could It Be?

29 December 2011 - 09:44 PM

I agree about the sulfites possibly being a culprit if you haven't had extensive allergy testing to rule them out. With the kind of reactions you are having it really sounds like you need to find a good medical care provider to help you sort more things out, if possible.

On a side note, I've always reacted to breyers ice cream. Never really got into the why because I stopped trying to eat it many years ago before any of my allergy testing, etc. OMG the chocolate covered whatever they were called that they had were good though, but after reacting every time I gave up. I don't react to other carefully chosen ice creams or dairy.

Hope you feel better soon and figure out the culprits.

In Topic: What's The Best And Worst About Being Super-Sensitive?

22 December 2011 - 07:03 PM

I think anyone who is sensitive can go out to eat successfully because there are restaurants who can produce a truly gluten-free meal. I have found that it's basically the more upscale restaurants that you have success with. They have more education and knowledge. It's also prudent to complain so they know all the ins and outs of preparing gluten-free food. This is how celiacs can make their lives more mainstream and be able to go out to eat occasionally.

I don't go out often but have had pretty good success with it. I am very sensitive and have to be extremely careful but have found it can work. You just cannot go out too often....limit the risk. The other issue is that some areas just do not offer much in the way of gluten-free eating. It is not fair but it's reality. To say you are too sensitive to eat out usually means multiple intolerances, which makes dining out extremely difficult or you just choose not to eat out, maybe from lack of resources.

I have to respectfully disagree with "anyone who is sensitive can go out to eat..." I have eaten at the restaurants that tout gluten free menus that many celiacs of whatever sensitivities recommend and each time I've been glutened. Before anyone says it's another food intolerance, sorry, nope, I know all my food intolerances and everything but gluten is easy to avoid. I don't like having the "flu" for 3 days and fatigue for a week by trying out these places. I expected to be perfectly fine, so it wasn't a matter of me convincing myself I'd be sick either, for any that would suggest that.

I do find this: "To say you are too sensitive to eat out usually means multiple intolerances, which makes dining out extremely difficult or you just choose not to eat out, maybe from lack of resources." to be a broad negative generalization of people whose experiences don't agree with your own.

I agree with GFM that people who have more visible sensitive reactions are harrassed in this forum, which is why I rarely post though I've been reading for a long time.

This is what I find is the hardest to deal with as a super sensitive--the fact that other celiacs of whatever sensitivities invalidate my experiences just like so many doctors and "regular" people invalidate celiac with "it's just in your head." It's about like what the Puritans who came to America to escape religious persecution did to the Native Americans because they didn't hold the same beliefs.

The best thing I find about having become super sensitive is that I get reactions so that I can work to eliminate the culprits and continue to improve my health after having been misdiagnosed for over 20 years and losing all that time.

In Topic: Sad For The Child But Not Much I Can Do

15 December 2011 - 11:10 AM

It took a few days, but I got her # and texted (didn't call because she never answered or returned my calls in the past)the information as well as reputable links. I've not heard anything back either through text or phone or her brother in all this time. I can only pray that she bothered to look at the links and passed on the information.

It s**ks that there is no way for me to reach the parents directly and that even if I could, the knowledge would probably fall on deaf ears. It's so much easier to believe that everything is ok.

In Topic: Traveling With Celiac

08 December 2011 - 06:46 AM

Vegas can be hit or miss. I was there this past June and had done my research ahead of time and thought I had everything under control. The restaurants near where I was staying that I found online that had gluten-free menus were no longer in existence when I got there---other than the $$$ expensive ones.

Are you staying on the strip? Will you have transportation? Do you have to watch your money? Can you eat shellfish?

The high end restaurants on the strip like Mesa Grill have gluten-free selections but they are $$$ expensive and many of the choices are shellfish. The whole foods store is not far from the strip if you have transportation. The In-N-Out Burger has a double protein burger served with a lettuce wrap and a dedicated fryer for the fries---supposed to be a really great option for those with transportation or used to using public transit. There's supposed to be a couple little grocery stores, one on the south end of the strip near the ABC liquor but I never found it.

Caesar's was nice enough to provide a refrigerator for me at no charge because of the celiac, but they don't have microwaves in the rooms or provide them.

Serendipity 3, in front of Caesar's had a grilled chicken salad that was awesome. I wouldn't trust the food courts in the casinos. I tried to find something safe and paid for it. Also, it didn't seem like many of the restaurants in walking distance that weren't the expensive ones had no clue about gluten free, in my experience.

I'd pack some protein and crunchies in your checked baggage for those days you might not be up for the search for safe food, unless you have transportation or are comfortable using public transit in unfamiliar cities.

Some say they've had good luck with some of the buffets, but I wouldn't be willing to risk a buffet, especially on a trip.

Hope this helps! Have a great trip!

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