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In Topic: Help Please

21 January 2013 - 06:19 PM

The only time you felt good in your life was when you were gluten free. Being gluten free is the correct course of action. You may also find you have issues with other foods too.
Celiac disease is multifaceted and while most people know it as the intestinal damage disease (including doctors) there can be skin immune reactions and neurological immune reactions and of course a plethora of symptoms that go with all those things.
Seeing as you aren't symptomless, I would take a positive blood test as a sign that your immune system reacts to gluten. Even if you were symptomless, and had 2 blood tests, one positive and one negative, the chances are that the negative one was the false one.

Don't feel dumb about what you did though, eating gluten again. I mean, it is something you shouldn't do and you're suffering the consequences now, but without proper information what you did was logical. In fact, when celiac disease was first diagnosed it was thought that it just went away for many people after awhile being gluten free, because just like what happened to you, they would try eating gluten again and their symptoms didn't return right away. We now know that that doesn't happen. Once you have it, you have it for life.

Thank you, for saying it was Ok for me to make the dumb mistake. Just having someone understand where I was coming from, means so much to me, truly. Thank you. :)
I know that gluten free is the best for my health and I intend to stay that way. I accepted it before, so accepting it now is easy, especially when the consequences are so ugly. Thank you again for your kind words and logic. I wish I would have gone on here and got some advice, before I made that brilliant move. <_< Lesson learned.
Stay healthy!

In Topic: Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

21 January 2013 - 06:07 PM

LolaB, which by the way, is my mother's name. Lol! You have received so much wonderful advice. I have a complicated history with Celiac, but have returned to being gluten free around the new year. I was gluten free for over a year when I decided it would be "OK" for me to go back to gluten. Long story short, it wasn't "OK". :)
I have found eating a very bland diet can help my system calm down after getting glutened. I eat things like potaoes: boiled or otherwise, applesauce, rice, bananas and a lot of ginger ale. Doing this for a day or two helps me alot. Just thought this might help you, too.

I hope you find your wings soon and start feeling better about your diagnosis. :rolleyes:

In Topic: Help Please

21 January 2013 - 05:43 PM

It is my understanding that the blood tests are rarely wrong when they are positive, but I'm less familiar with them than some. I'm a weirdo who had multiple negative blood tests, but a positive biopsy. I guess it is great news that your biopsy was clean at 6 months! Keep at it, it's a journey not a just a sprint across a finish line. Don't let the new suckiness get you down, we all have our own suckiness to deal with but that is no reason to let this thing win. :D And hey, isn't it awesome being able to think your way out of a wet paper sack?

You are sure right about what you said. I mourned for the loss of gluten food a couple years ago; luckily I don't feel the need to do that again. Just working to stay the course. Everyone has their cross to bare, grateful God went easy on me, compared to others. :) Good luck in your journey, too!

In Topic: Help Please

19 January 2013 - 05:51 PM

Thanks everyone for replying, it really helped. I'm sorry my post was confusing, guess the brain fog has not completely cleared. Lol!!
As for being diagnosed and I diagnosed:blood test results would come back both ways so it was inconclusive. I had an endocrin. And gastro. Test me. Had biopsy and scope that indicated I was not celiac, but I had stopped eating gluten for over 6 months at the time. :).
I guess my test results are inconclusive, but my Brain Fog is the proof. I wish I didn't have the stomach sensitivity return when going back to gluten free, but I guess it's a swap for having a clear brain. :)
Best wishes to you all. Stay Healthy!

In Topic: Why Am I Not Sick From Eating Gluten?!?!?!

19 January 2013 - 11:53 AM

I am so glad you aren't having any symptoms. I kind of am going through the same thing. I posted it earlier for help, too.
I think you should eat what you want and just be monitored closely for vitamin deficiencies etc.... Why restrict yourself if you are able to get nutrients. Gluten Free is no fun and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Good luck and Stay Heathy!!!

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