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In Topic: Advice Needed - Intolerant To So Many Foods And Have Malabsorption Problems

26 May 2014 - 08:28 AM

Thanks jiggles. I'm currently not eating many veggies (mostly french beans and okra). But I eat apples, bananas, pears, blueberries, and dates all the time. Not sure what I would eat without them, and the thought of giving them up makes me want to go crawl in bed and sleep.

Maybe I should just eat rice for a week and see if I feel better? :(

Hi spirit-walk ,

IrishHeart is right you must Eat , and not just rice , eat everything you can tolerate ( gluten free of course )

When we are trying to gain back our health and strength "Eating" is our number one priority

Unless something you are eating is upsetting your digestive system and is making you sick ,
then elimination diets should be left until we feel stronger and have gained back some body weight ,

and as IrishHeart says it can be different things for everyone ,

for me it's been two years I am getting stronger but feel that I still have more healing to do
I have also gained a little bit of weight now but it took over a year to gain just a couple of pounds ,
and I still eat loads of fruit and veggies ,

I only eliminated those which I felt were the most offending ones ,
which for me were , mangoes , pineapple and strawberries , the veggies weren't so bad , I only cut out soya beans ,
but I will keep trying them over time , as these things can change

like lots of others on here I added an extra slice of meat at each meal which works well ,
you will get there ,
it just takes time for all of us x x

In Topic: Advice Needed - Intolerant To So Many Foods And Have Malabsorption Problems

25 May 2014 - 06:21 AM

Hello spirit-walk ,
just wanted to say that I too had an issue with popping joints too , and also terrible muscle stiffness ,

I found through a process of elimination that too much fruit and vegetables were the problem for me ,
thanks to IrishHeart histamine foods list ,

It dawned on me that it was histamine related ,

and maybe oxalate related too, I don't know for sure ,

but once I removed fruit and veg the joint pain, popping and muscle stiffness all started to subside ,

I was slow to connect the two as the popping pain and stiffness built up very slowly ,

and fruit and veg was the very last thing I thought of ,

I am adding back a few veggies and a few fruits now to find my tolerance level ,

hope that made sense :)

Here is a link I found that may help too


In Topic: It Was Supposed To Be Over At Gluten Free! Help :(

25 May 2014 - 05:52 AM

Hi AnnaChristine , I hope you don't mind me suggesting something ,

to help you find out what's bothering you ,

You need to stop all those supplements ,

Keep it simple

Start again
using good whole foods to heal , boiled white rice, fish, meat veggies fruits ,a little gluten-free bread too if it agrees ,

Then get all your vitamin and mineral levels tested properly by a celiac Doctor
before you take anything else

Hope you don't mind my saying

Jiggles x x

In Topic: It Was Supposed To Be Over At Gluten Free! Help :(

16 May 2014 - 05:05 AM

Hi, it's great news that your doctor is sending you to the Celiac centre ,
it's really good to feel there is more help out there ,

there is a very good post on here about starting to feel better ,

sorry I can't remember who the OP was ....

It starts with waking up one day feeling ok, and you notice that you have had a good day ,
then you hope you will have another good day , and one day it dawns on you that you have had two or more good days in a row ,

and you suddenly realise that you are having more good days than bad
and eventually the good days will out number the bad days ,

and you will get better too AnnaChristine
and as you get better the anxiety that accompanies this illness will go away allowing your confidence to grow back and you will feel like your old self again ,

I found it so scary when I didn't know my own body anymore or how to help fix it,
I felt broken ,

I too had those new food intolerances that can show up soon after starting the gluten free diet,
I found these hard going , as they can produce similar symptoms to gluten ,
but once you recognise the offending foods and gain control by cutting those foods out until you heal ,
it starts to get better ,

and after two years of healing I am finding I can now tolerate most of those foods again , and a few more factory produced treats too ,

We are so lucky to have lots of lovely people on this site to help us through all of this ,
and to help us to stay well too ,

I found this board a God send , I am so grateful for it , I don't know what I would have done without it ,

so thank you all once again x x

AnnaChristine , Please let us know how you are doing, and how you get on at the Celiac centre ,
Sending you big hugs :)

Jiggles x x

In Topic: Self-Diagnosis

11 May 2014 - 03:20 AM

Hi ,
You could try going grain free and just stick to "whole foods "
meats veggies and fruits ect ,

This can help us to heal faster and feel better again ,
I had to avoid all dairy at first too,

Then at a later date you could try adding in some factory made gluten free foods and baked goods to see how well you tolerate them ,

Some people can tolerate factory made gluten free foods no problem at all,
whilst others may need to seek out what suits them best ,

I prefer to use factory made gluten free foods as treats ,

I do eat rice and bread though
but I am still healing and think I feel better if I stick to mainly whole foods ,

Hope you feel better soon x x