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In Topic: I Can't Figure It Out!

29 August 2015 - 01:46 PM

Hi nonnarae
Have you cut out oats and dairy whilst you are still healing , as they can make you feel awful, just like being glutened as lots of new coeliacs can't really digest them until they have healed more ,

In Topic: Months Of Pain After Surgery. Can´t Anymore. Please, I Need Help

14 July 2015 - 01:38 AM

Hello Tokyo , we all want to help you , it's not right that you should be suffering like this ,
Does this surgeon have an email address ?
if we can email him too and ask him to help on your behalf as your suffering so much ,
he should not be able to just brush this off anymore ,

Desperate times call for desperate measures ,
Please let us try and help you , I know we live in different places but we all truly feel for you ,
X x

In Topic: Months Of Pain After Surgery. Can´t Anymore. Please, I Need Help

13 July 2015 - 06:01 PM

Hi Tokyo ,
I don't doubt for a minute that you are reacting to something and you know your own body best ,

But you have only been gluten free for around five months is that right ?

Just wondering how are you are managing to look after yourself whilst you are feeling so poorly ?

what are you eating and drinking ?

You have suffered 24.5 years of eating gluten ,

all those years of gluten damage can take quite a few years or more to heal your body ,

You have just had an op and a full anaesthetic whilst your poor body is weak and trying to recover from years of gluten damage ,

No wonder you feel so rough and no wonder your poor body is reacting to lots of things ,

Your body has been through so much , but it will get better , but you have to take good care of it and allow it lots of time to heal ,

Lots of us on here who are healing , react to lots of other things ,
many other foods and intolerance's can develop whilst we are healing ,

but the good news is that after healing , lots of us manage to get those foods back again , and most of us don't get such bad reactions to other things , once we have healed ,

Tokyo ,
You also sound like you may be having typical gluten reactions too ,
( the awful anxiety is a classic symptom ) so is sweating and feeling cold , dizziness is another ,
there are lots of us who get typical reactions through gluten exposure creeping in somewhere or through cross contamination ,

Even very experienced celiacs can slip up eating something they shouldn't ,
some of us get awful symptoms with oats ,

Also lots of us cannot tolerate dairy until our villi have healed , usually it takes a couple of years or more before introducing it again ,

I know that you are a medical student and you probably know a lot more than I do ,
but gluten can often cloud our minds to the point that we simply cannot see what's happening to us because we are so fogged up ,

Those stitches could be causing a reaction ,
Plus your body could still be very sensitive until it heals a lot more ,

I have just looked around the internet and a lot of people say they have had reactions to these type of dissolvable stitches too ,

But first things first ,
you really need to get stronger and get your strength up so you can think up a plan to get some help with those stitches ,

We will help and support you on here ,
many of us on here have not been believed by doctors about our symptoms until we have become very anaemic , skeletal , or very damaged and mal nourished ,

although in the past "our symptoms" were all that they had to go on , to diagnose celiac disease,
I sometimes think going by the symptoms was a better way to diagnose celiac disease ,

you will need some good food to help your body to heal and your mind to cope ,
Perhaps you can plan to do an online shop , and get some good food delivered , frozen fish is good,
just rinse off the water glaze first , pop them in oven bags or foil in a hot oven for twenty mins or so until until juice is absorbed ,

I do hope that made sense ,

Please would you go through what you have been eating and drinking on here with us ,
as it could be something like cross contamination issues ,

Also ,
whilst you are getting better , (and you will get better ! ) just eat plain whole foods
what God put on the earth in its purest forms ,
fresh meat , fresh fish, fresh veggies , fresh fruits, just have some plain Jacket potatoes microwaved
Eat them with the fish for now, they are nice and easy ,
or boil up some fresh bone broth this is very good for healing the digestive system

and for the time being stay away from gluten free factory foods and grain foods ,
Just until you heal more and start to feel a bit better , don't eat dairy or oats either ,

drink lots of plain fresh water for now

Hope that made sense
Ps ,
proffesor Hadjvassilou helps with neurological problems caused by gluten , he is in the NHS Sheffield hospital ,
you would need a doctors referal note


In Topic: When I Exhale Through Nose I Smell My Feces?

28 February 2015 - 06:51 PM

Hi Firstimemama2014 ,

Nope I couldn't bring myself to watch the video ,

yes fran it does look rather shocking , I am hoping I don't accidentally press the play button ,

it looks way too graphic for me ,

But just looking at the the photo , it does look like a rather extreme case :P

Jiggles x

In Topic: When I Exhale Through Nose I Smell My Feces?

27 February 2015 - 05:23 PM

Hi Firsttimemama2014 ,

If they are present , you may be able to see them for yourself in a bright light ,

also good luck for Tuesday

you are very brave to have an endoscopy without any sedation, especially with you being pretty scared

may I ask why your not getting sedation

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