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#915665 It Was Supposed To Be Over At Gluten Free! Help :(

Posted by on 10 May 2014 - 08:41 AM

I would cut out ALL factory produced foods , and that includes the flours you are using ,
Just stick to "whole foods " of one ingredient , which I see you are doing already ,
but your nut flours are factory produced ,

and dilitantesteph is right about low levels of gluten being present in factory produced flour ,
as they are allowed 20 parts per million which is still classed as Gluten free ,
and in the beginning some of us can be sensitive to these low factory levels of gluten
until we have healed a bit more ,

a lot of us on here have felt so sick and poorly just like you in the beginning , me included
and we know It's not nice to feel so sick :(

it's only by trial that we discover our own " safe foods " which may be different for each of us ,

for me it is sweet potatoes , steamed cod , and lots of water ,

In the beginning when our systems rumble and bloat to let us know we have eaten something too harsh, or too hard to digest ,
we then go back to our " safe foods" and remain on them until we feel better

and whilst eating ONLY our "safe foods"
we introduce those other foods one by one, until we find the food which offended our systems

then over time when more healing has taken place many of us can look forward to getting back most of those offending foods that were far too harsh for us in the beginning ,

for me those offending foods were .... eggs which gave terrible gas pain and bloating , any type of nuts,
any type of flours, Dairy ,
certain fruits , certain veggies , hot spices and peppers, certain vinegars ,

I hardly ever drink , but any type of alcohol or wine was out in the beginning too,
plus a few more things I may have forgotten ,

so you can see it's a process of elimination for a lot of us ,

Hope that helped, and I hope that made sense ,

Hope you find your safe foods soon and start to feel better too :)

Jiggles x x
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#905850 Gluten Free 5 Weeks Some Symptoms Getting Worse

Posted by on 13 February 2014 - 05:51 AM

Hi , you say it occurs a few times a week , I think notme! may have something and that a food or drink may the culprit , something that you are having few times a week , just a thought ....

coconut can have a laxative effect on some people ,
I don't know much about Kombucha except that it's very beneficial for good bacteria,
although I did read you have to watch it doesn't get any mold in it ,

We are all different and some things just don't suit everyone especially with our sensitive tums

I do hope you pin point something and feel better soon
Jiggles x
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