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In Topic: Gluten Ataxia Neuropathy Neurological Presentation

14 December 2010 - 08:09 AM

Hello everyone,
I've learned so much while reading through the forum today. Thank you!

Maybe my story will help someone else.I am now 66, but my problem started in my 40's. At first it looked like Chronic Fatigue syndrome and a candida problem. Allergy meds and then homepathic kept me out of bed and restored my energy level.

About 5 years ago I started having mild diarrhea off and on and a pale stool. I thought it was all the result of a candida problem. Since I could not find a doctor who would address these symptoms, I just kept taking Probiotics and eating more raw vegetables and no sugar. But I have always loved bread...that was not one of the things I stopped eating.

Two years ago I started having tremors of my upper body which showed up in head-shaking. I found an alternative/medical doctor who was willing to treat me with health supplements rather than drugs.

He was good about listening to what I had to say. When he told me he had no idea what was causing the tremors, I told him what I found online at "Misdiagnosis.com".

I'm sure God helped me find this info. I'm always asking him for a pathway to healing. I'll take an instant miracle or a change in diet. This is what I found. Celiac Disease can cause depletion of calcium, causing aching legs as well as causing tremors. The doctor began blood tests and found that I had a serious depletion of Vit. D and Calcium. He prescribed 50,000Iu's of Vit. D plus calcium.

I started taking 1200 mg calcium with 800IU vit d3 every time a tremor would start. It worked. My doctor was not convinced it was Celiac. he thought it was just wheat allergy, so he recommended that I cut wheat out of my diet and see what happened after 9 months to a year.
After nine months, the tremors were nearly gone and I was taking 2 cal/vitc3 a day as compared to 5 or six. Also, no diarrhea or pale stool.

Then my doctor left his practice for medical reasons in August. About that time I took his advice and tried eating a little wheat for a couple of weeks. Bingo! Tremors are back with diarrhea and pale stool plus what may be an infection in my colon.

Now I'm trying to get in to see a new doctor whom my former doctor said might lean toward alternative supplements, homeopathic, etc. The saga continues and I'm praying that a pathwaytohealing will come my way once again. Also praying that my new doctor will be open-minded as far as my remaining drug-free and that my attitude will not drive her crazy.

After not being able to find a medical doctor to help with Chronic Fatigue or candida all these years, I'm pretty much into self-diagnosis. I hope this info blesses someone...

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