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In Topic: Numbness And Tingling....docs Dont Know...help Again Please!

09 January 2011 - 08:43 AM

what exactly was your TSH number- because it may have been within range- but high enough to indicate Hypothyroid-
im asking- because constipation and difficulty swallowing can both be typical for Hypothyroid..

in the past i had issues with getting dizzy when i stood up... A LOT... it seems to have improved since going gluten free

Hey CassP

Thanks for your thoughts and help!!
For me, my TSH is 1.15, and my Doc is know for treating subclinical thyroid issues, so I'm thinking that (I'm hoping that) he would've picked up on thyroid issues. Maybe the OP has an elevated TSH.

My lightheadedness is seemingly random. I do have the "dizzy upon standing up" symptom, but also I could be just walking around, or standing at the sink or whatever and feel like I'm going to pass out (eyesight goes, ears ring, heart races, feel weak, and feel a downward pulling) that only lying down helps. This also happens when trying to work out at the gym, so I don't anymore. I'm hoping that gluten-free (or even free of my known food allergens) will solve this symptom because it is really limiting and irritating.

In Topic: Got Bloodwork Back, But Just Had Endoscopy Yesterday

09 January 2011 - 06:44 AM

You may want to post a topic 'cast iron pans' and ask how to degluten a cast iron pan. I seem to remember someone posting a way to do it a while back. If there isn't a way hopefully someone will know where to find a good non-seasoned or seasoned one. I have one that I got a Tractor Supply that was preseasoned that has held up well if you have one of those near you.

Thank you very much for your help once again!! I may check out Tractor Supply (we have one near us)even after de-glutening my grandma's pan. I have a feeling we will need one gluten-free, and one that can be used with gluten containing products.

In Topic: Got Bloodwork Back, But Just Had Endoscopy Yesterday

09 January 2011 - 06:41 AM

Cast iron pans be deglutenized by putting them in the oven and running the clean cycle. They they have to be scoured out and reseasoned. :)

Thank you very much!!

In Topic: All The Celiac People On This Website Had Bad Gi Symptoms

09 January 2011 - 06:36 AM

Someone on the forum mentionned Dr Alessio Fasano as a celiac specialist, so I looked at his website and listened to a bunch of video testimonials.

ALL the people in the videos had SERIOUS GI issues:


Yet everyone here (and a bunch of websites) say a different story, that it isn't always like that. I spoke to a friend yesterday and she kept telling me how rare celiac disease and kind of making fun of my going gluten free. :(

I don't know, I think a part of me feels silly for going gluten free... and I'll be travelling soon and i just know I'm going to feel like a total alien for not being able to eat with my friends in restaurants (or being just neurotically careful about all the foods i order and eat).

I can just see it, all my blood tests are going to come back negative and I am really wondering why the heck bother??? :(
I made some soup yesterday and it just tasted AWFUL. My whole life having to worry about gluten, for what? What if it's all in my head, even IF I feel better in a few months? (so far I don't feel better. it's been 2 days only though).

Just my 2 cents.... We are now in a society that is awakening to health. As a result some people take supplements, drink expensive juices, follow rigorous workout schedules, avoid carbs, sugar, processed foods or chemicals, and the list goes on. This is all done in the hope that individuals will feel great and live long, healthy lives.

So now, I have to ask.... If you end up finding that you feel much better and healthier from avoiding gluten, and whatever symptoms that you are having subside on a gluten-free diet, then what makes not eating gluten so different from all of the other things that the rest of society do to help them feel optimally healthy??

FYI... I have had a negative blood test, and perhaps my biopsy will be negative too, but if not eating gluten makes me feel like a human being again then that is how I will eat. There is no shame in doing what you need to do to take care of your body, and only you know how you feel. HTH

In Topic: Numbness And Tingling....docs Dont Know...help Again Please!

08 January 2011 - 06:04 AM

I am also really light-headed and dizzy. Is this a common symptom of celiac or not? I also suffer from constipation :( and have started having a hard time swallowing. My blood tests showed a low level of TSH. Is thyroid related to celiac?

*****I don't know why the above didn't show the OP's text in the quote block, hmmm******

Hi there! You aren't alone with this symptom. I don't know how much help that I can be because I am still awaiting biopsy results and had a negative blood test, but near the top of my symptoms list that need to go away is dizziness and light-headedness as well. I can go a week without much of a problem with it or I can go a week without being able to stand upright without feeling like I'm going to pass out.
Assuming that they have ruled out other possible causes of this for you (i.e. heart or neurological problems), my understanding is that Celiac can cause this to happen.

For me, I have had many tests and my heart and brain are fine. I am convinced that my problems are a direct result of either Celiac, food intolerances, or food allergies. Maybe even all of the above. Hugs, I hope you start feeling better soon!!

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