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Member Since 17 Dec 2010
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Dh And Minor Wounds?

02 January 2011 - 04:30 PM

Does anyone else find that if you get a paper cut, or a small scratch (e.g. my dog scratched me last week), it bubbles/blisters up and takes forever to heal?
I've read DH shows up in areas that are more subject to trauma. Does this also mean wounds can become blistered due to DH too?
I've found since the onset of my symptoms that minor wounds can become a problem whereas prior to the onset of my rash I had no problem at all with wound healing.

(I have no confirmed diagnosis but am very suspicious it's DH, waiting on biopsy results though the biopsy was of a lesion not of normal skin).

New Here

17 December 2010 - 09:53 PM

Hi everyone. I'm new here, thought I'd share my story.

I finally got a biopsy today (from my family doc) after seeing many docs, including an allergist and dermatologist.
So, hoping I'll have an answer soon, although I'm pretty sure my doc biopsied a lesion, instead of beside a lesion.

Long story short:
- had 2 mosquito bites one on each leg that wouldn't heal in the summer
- after stressful incident in SEPT., got some reddish spots on my legs, which I logically related to the mosquito bites
- spots were burny and itchy
- docs thought it was infection, perhaps staph, fuciden cream, didn't work
- cephalexin, didn't work
- now docs thought it was poison ivy, topical steroid and prednisone, antihistamines
- prednisone helped but then I went off it and BAM things continued to worsen - spreading now, onto arms and back
- lesions on legs had turned from reddish spots (like pimples or folliculitis) into drier clusters - looking like nummular dermatitis, or ringworm
- lesions on arms were smaller - just little tiny dots that came of little tiny bubbles, though some would spread/cluster into almost herpes-looking lesions too
- lesions on back just little pink dots (but very itchy like the rest of them)
- finally got in to see a dermatologist in OCT., who took one look and said it was eczema, prescribed cephalexin again to clear up any potential infection, more potent steroid creams, skincare regimen and UVB light therapy 3x/week
- got some tiny bubbly blisters on my hands and larger ones on my feet, thought it was latex allergy? Also irriated ears
- after a couple weeks the dermatologist's approach was helping heal existing lesions but not prevent new ones
- healed lesions leave nasty scars, and can become inflamed again
- my own research began to make me think about avoiding gluten and dairy, so I did
- noticeable improvement within a few days - finally able to sleep! This improvement has been the most noticeable and long-lasting of anything tried to date.
- saw an allergist, who said it's not food, nothing to do with food, just a placebo effect
- skin prick testing showed allergies to dog dander and dust (I have 2 dogs), but he said my skin problems were just an acute dermatitis, didn't do patch testing because so hypersensitive right now
- went on a little binge of dairy and gluten due to allergist's confidence, regretfully (seemed to make me worse again)
- developed a new theory that perhaps I was allergic to a glue (cyanoacrylate) in an eyelash extention procedure I'd had done in Sept., so went off the gluten theory for a while but quickly back to the DH theory because:
- seem to also be aggravated by salty foods (potato chips, corn chips) which I'd been allowing because I figured hey, they're not gluten, and hadn't made the iodine link yet
- might also be aggravated by shellfish, possibly wine, possibly stress
- likely not completely gluten-free because while I haven't knowingly eaten any, haven't been super strict at restaurants or with "may contain wheat" products
- after major healing (basically only legs remaining a problem) a few weeks ago, everything started to pop back up in the last week - started to think about my birth control pill, which I've also read can exacerbate DH if progesterone based which mine was. Family doc switched me but still on it for about 10 days before I switch.
- also note that I have had sushi this week thinking non-shellfish and non-gluten sushi was okay, not realizing the iodine content of seaweed
- also a particularly stressful week, so if it's eczema and not DH that could contribute...
- got my biopsy today from my family doc, anxiously awaiting results but as I said, wondering if she got anything other than a lesion

Any feedback would be so appreciated. I feel disgusting (having gone from normal skin to widespread nasty lesions),frustrated, discouraged...

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