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Full Knee Replacement ,,,

04 May 2014 - 08:15 AM

My orthopedist is a very patient man .


I saw him last summer he says full knee replacement I say no way, he says come back in 3 months .


I go back in three months , he says full knee replacement this the only thing that will work , I say no way, he says come back in 3 months .


I cancel that appt ( bad me lol ) but I finally go back to see him last Thursday .


He puts up the x-ray from 6 months ago and the one I had Thursday side by side , he and I look at them then he turns and looks at me and says "well??? "


Did I monition he is a very patient man .


The deterioration of the knee is very obvious to even me :(


I say ( a bunch of  4 letter words ,,under my breath of course :rolleyes: ,lol) looks like I need to wrestle with my insurance co .


One full knee replacement coming up <_<



I have osteoarthritis &  osteoporosis . The midiscus  is  gone and it is bone on bone .The pain is off the scale :wacko:


I made the mistake of looking up what / how they do a full knee replacement :ph34r:


This surgery scares me :unsure:


Being in the hosp ( doc says 4 - 6 days) dealing with all that entails is just plain overwhelming  :unsure:


Then the weeks of rehab / recovery time :blink:


Has anyone had this type of surgery ? how did you make out?  are you glad you did it?

"popcorners" Chips

08 March 2014 - 01:19 PM

I was in my local convenience store and noticed these chips.

They are  called popcorners.

It says gluten free/GMO free/ all natural on the bags


The main ingredients are : whole grain sorghum, sunflower oil, sugar   the spices vary from flavor to flavor.

I have not looked them up online yet,,, I was just wondering if anyone has had any problems with them.

Wilson's Disease , Any One Have/ Know Anything About Wilsons Disease

05 October 2013 - 07:43 AM

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic since I do not know of any connection to celiacs but I did not know where else to put it ..



My youngest daughter is being tested for Wilson's disease . Does anyone have Wilsons or know anything about this disease ?


Unexpected Hospital Stay And Dietary Nightmare

23 June 2013 - 06:06 AM

Last Thursday I had surgery to repair an abdominal hernia. It was supposed to be a one day surgery.  I knew there may be a chance I would have to stay over night and though nothing of it ( I had planed on having my daughter bring me food from home)


Well the best laid plans    <_<  Things did not work out as planned and it was a dietary nightmare .  I ended up staying over night and because my surgeon ordered  a diabetic diet my daughter was not allow to bring me in anything to eat .


Long story short : the staff told me I had to eat something before I could leave . The ONLY thing and I do mean only thing on the menu even close to something I could even risk  eating  that they would allow me to order( because of the diabetic diet) was cream of rice . So I ordered it . The girl brought it and said" here is your cream of wheat"  . Seriously  I mean SERIOUSLY ,,, ,MY Chart said celiac right on it , I told the person that took my order I was celiac and they bring me CREAM OF WHEAT !!!!!!! They may just as well served me rat poison !!! I lost it !!!!!!!!!!! 


When the nursing staff was trying to calm me down the RN on duty all but snickered at me when I said I could not eat the eggs on the menu because they had gluten and probably  soy in them  ( powdered eggs because institutions  are not allowed to have raw eggs on the premises)


The Dietitian finally  came up to talk to me and offered to go to the store to buy me what ever I wanted . Not that easy .


She asked me what I eat at home so they could fix it for me . Not that easy .


Finally my  surgeon    comes in to release  me ,  the nurses  and I fill him in on whats going on and   he writes an order so my daughter can bring me food from home . So I can go home . Easy