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In Topic: Osteoporosis Medications And Celiacs

Today, 10:47 AM

Ah, perhaps it is time for the meds. Let's see if others respond with positive reviews of a specific drug.

Thanks Cyclinglady I do appreciate your input and I agree it is best to stay off the meds as long as possible ,,I have truly fought to stay off the meds but  it may be time :(


I am hoping to get some input about meds that work and are tolerated by celiacs

In Topic: Osteoporosis Medications And Celiacs

Today, 10:33 AM

Are you taking all the necessary supplements? Are you actually lifting weights? If not, I would give that another go before trying the drugs.

My fractures were way worse than my both my celiac disease and diabetes diagnosis. Besides being painful, I was frightened at the loss of mobility. I am very active and love riding my bike. The only time I stayed off my bike was when I was pregnant or recovering from surgery. But there was always an end in sight. I knew that I would get back on my bike. I also know that I will not be riding in my eighties, but by then I will be happy to let it go then but not in my 50's. I am not a racer. I just have a fantastic group of riding buddies and I would hate to give that up. With osteoporosis, I was afraid of getting more fractures. My back healed and my fear of additonal fractures went away.

If you detest lifting weighs, then interview a trainer. A trainer may help inspire you. It all depends on how driven you are. I have a bad shoulder and knee. The Ortho doc told me 20 years ago to exercise FOREVER to keep the muscles surrounding my shoulder and knee strong or I would be facing surgery. I saw that option was not very effective in friends and acquaintances ( though they stopped exercising after physical therapy). So, I continue to work my shoulder and knee by running, riding, walking and swimming. I do hate weights but it is a necessary evil. I use just little hand weights as I detest the gym. My purse is a backpack and I wear that stuffed with all kinds of Mom stuff. The weight, evenly distributed is a little workout for my back. I wear a day pack when hiking too.

All these little things add up! Of course the proof will be in my next scan, but I can say that I have not suffered anymore fractures in the past year and a half and the rib and hip pain is gone. That surely must be a clue that I am building bone!

Have your scans since your DX eight years ago been getting worse?

I have had scans every two years since my diagnosis , they have been slowly & steadily getting worse .


Until last year when my knee replacement took me out of the gym I have lifted weights . Back in my twentys when every one else was doing aerobics ,I was the girl in the corner with the free weights. Milestones for me were when I could press ( leg) twice my body weigh or press ( chest ) my body weight . :D Love weight training , biking is ok , walking /hiking is great ( pre knee issues ) . Running does not happen unless something big and bad is chasing me :lol:

I am on the necessary supplements , most of my vitamin   and mineral levels are ok  Vitamin D ( finally !! is above 30) at 33 B)


My MRI showed the compression fractures ( as did the x-rays) and some bulging of the discs( not enough to require surgery currently ) . I am being sent to a pain management clinic for the back  pain

In Topic: Osteoporosis Medications And Celiacs

Today, 04:09 AM

. :unsure:

In Topic: Osteoporosis Medications And Celiacs

Today, 04:06 AM

I was 51 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Two months later, I suffered two vertabrae fractures (T7 and T9) doing nothing! Bone scan revealed osteopenia (just one point shy of osteoporosis) but per my GP, a fracture bumps up my diagnosis to Osteoporosis. Since I was within months of passing through menopause, I went back on HRT with the intent to build bone. I also walked and exercised every single day. After a year, my new GP wanted me off HRT, so I ceased. My back is healed. I no longer have rib and hip pain while sleeping my my side. I am running, biking and swimming. I lift small weights and practice my balance (to avoid falls). I take some calcium supplements containing Vitamin D, zinc and magnesium, but I have really slacked off. I work harder at getting all my nutritional needs through whole foods that are varied. My blood tests indicate that I am no longer deficient in anything.

I am putting off meds for as long as possible. My research has indicated that the meds do a good job of building bone, but it is built on a poor foundation. Spontaneous fractures are a side effect of the drugs. It is always my luck that I react to drugs! Heck, I am severely allergic to aspirin!

I am staying med free for as long as possible. My follow-up bone scan will be in July (two years). I think I am building bone. I hope I am!

I also was trying to stay off the osteoporosis meds as long as possible, but I am seriously considering them now

My DEXA scan is coming up soon and if my score had changed significantly ( in the wrong direction ) I will strongly consider the meds

In Topic: Full Knee Replacement ,,,

Yesterday, 05:25 PM

I had a lot of allergic reactions to the drugs so it took me   about 10 months of rehab but now its back to normal and i trust the  fake knee more than the other real one that they want to change soon too. Like the Chicago Cubs,  wait till next year is what I keep telling them!

that is what I said ken,lol

I had an arthroscopy  on the bad knee in Dec. Doc was able to " clean it up a bit" as he says. He cleaned up some of the arthritis and repaired some of the midiscus damage but the exposed bone is still an issue  :ph34r:  so maybe next year :D