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Member Since 29 Dec 2010
Offline Last Active Jan 07 2013 08:08 PM

#847050 If Your Body Is Making Anti-Gliadin Antibodies, Doesn't That Mean You...

Posted by on 05 January 2013 - 06:42 PM

I've come to the same conclusion about the possibility of finding the "answers" in my lifetime. But, I'm still plugging away at eating as gluten-free as I possibly can. My doctor is even more of a stickler on other things, too, like certain foods that are heavy on latex (I'm allergic as are many people apparently), and especially on the balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6s. He has had me on many supplements for the past several years. Yes, I'm sick of taking pills, but I don't have migraines anymore, or cramps in my legs. I've lost about 20 pounds that I needed to lose, and in general my blood tests are coming out pretty well. My major problem is arthritis-like pains, but even they have gotten better using some mild medications (which I'm currently trying to wean myself off of). I'm not "in the pits" like I was for a while (a year or so?!) when I felt absolutely overwhelmed in trying to care for myself when I really didn't feel I knew enough all the while trying to explain to my large family what was happening. Even though loving and caring, they simply didn't know how to help either, except listen and not laugh too much at whatever current "weird" elimination diet I was on! I still get teased and my doctor gets laughed at, too, for "making it up as he goes along." That's okay by me. I want a doctor who is willing to learn from the latest research and change his mind if he feels it right to do so. Anyhow, for those of you just starting on this journey, hang in there. This Forum really helped me during some dark, late computer nights! Thanks to all the dear people who care.
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#831621 A Question About Malabsorption:

Posted by on 22 October 2012 - 07:21 PM

I would suggest a doctor's appt. this is a serious disease with serious side effects from not getting proper nutrition after the diet. There is a real risk and many people know so little about it. Just because there is no medicine to cure it doesnt mean it is safe people to walk around self disgnosing without having a doctor look into the possiblity of there being something else wrong - either from lack of celiac disease or as a result of celiac disease. It is often misdiagnosed or ignored as a possibility.
While i am sure most appreciate you asking for their opinion on this matter, we are not doctors. Don't trust us with your life -no matter how "experienced" we may be with it.

I agree, but try to find a doctor who understands nutrition and supplements (with blood tests to back it up for good measure). Most doctors have a rudimentary working knowledge but some really have dived into studying it. My doc tests for LOTS of different things, the usual stuff, too, and as much as I hated getting blood draws, I'm really glad he does. I've been trying to be gluten free for about 4 years. Didn't take it really seriously at first. Thought I could cheat. Thought it was a question of "a little gluten vs a lot." Well I finally got the message. My doc has now come to the conclusion that some celiacs can't handle corn gluten either, so I'm doing NO grains for a month to see if my arthritis symptoms get better. We'll see, I'm on week 3.
This disease is really like the "Magical Mystery Tour!" You just never know what to expect, and it changes daily I think!
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#687572 I Hear People Around Me Talking About Food Constantly!

Posted by on 28 March 2011 - 06:43 PM

With all this talk of food, I'm going down to see what's in the fridge!!! :rolleyes:
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#671615 Healing With Gluten Free Diet

Posted by on 29 January 2011 - 07:01 PM

I had lots of unexpected things get better too. The weirdest one is that my vision got better. I no longer needed my glasses which I got in my 20's.

I've had a weird response, too, but I was attributing it to the massive vitamins and minerals I'm currently taking. The weird response is, my hair is suddenly thicker and growing in wavy/curly on one side of my head! I've had terrible hair all my life, silky, thin and STRAIGHT!So I'm having fun with my "new look". Besides that, I'm on an elimination diet that is quite restricted and I've lost almost 20 pounds. And I've found some gluten free makeup that actually looks and feels good....so I feel like a new woman! Yeah!!! :P
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