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Member Since 04 Jan 2011
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#774708 Anyone Else Lose All The Friends?

Posted by on 20 February 2012 - 06:29 AM

Hi there, I'm writing this, not as any kind of advice to you - it's a really really tough situation - but to add to the general discussion about celiac and changing friendships.

I also went through the process in which some of my friends who didn't have the patience for me when I was sick drifted away. Especially a I used to like going out and partying, when I could no longer drink or stay up late because I was too sick, they didn't make the effort to see me and do different things. However, there were a few wonderful people who stuck around, and I made some new friends.

Now something new is happening - since I decided to be SUPER-strict with my diet (after a very long process of investigating and learning what was going on with my body, which involved other health problems too) and I am feeling much much better, stronger, clearer, calmer, and my life is much more "together", my friendships are shifting again. For years I was very tired, irritable, easily upset, co-dependant, and I was naturally drawn to similar people. In the past, if a friend was mean I would have stuck around as I needed them. Now that I'm much better I don't want to take anyone's s***! As I am less easily upset and less clingy, mean and aggressive people are just falling out of my life. It's kind of sad to see old friends go, but it's happening naturally and I'm not shaken up as I would have been before. I find myself getting closer to more together and calmer people, who in the past were on the periphery of my life.

The only thing I can say is keep on looking after yourself 100%, don't compromise on this just because the people around you don't understand, and I'm totally sure things will get better socially in time, even if it means building new friendships. And it's awesome that your man is such a gem.
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#670488 Is Anyone Else Contastntly Hungry Or Craving?

Posted by on 25 January 2011 - 07:25 AM

I agree with Ravenwood glass about the proteins and fats. It sounds like you need to work very hard to balance your blood sugar (when it drops you crave sweet things). Some people (including me) have veeery delicately balanced blood sugar- I can't handle any type of refined starch (white rice, gluten free breads or pastas etc), sugar, honey. Even quinoa, brown rice, fruit or artificial sweetners cause me to have a blood sugar drop within a couple of hours and feel exhausted and crave something to pick my blood sugar up again urgently. Lentils and beans are about the starchiest foods I can handle.

I recommend having some decent protein at breakfast and lunchtime time, ALWAYS eating breakfast- early if possible, having a snack with fat or protein every couple of hours, never let yourself get really hungry, experiment as to how much starch or sweetness you can personally handle without it throwing you off- you may find that none. Remember that caffeine and cigarettes also spike your blood sugar and could make matters worse. There are lots of diets based on limited carbohydrates which you could use to provide recipe and snack ideas- the GI diet, the South Beach diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (although with this last one I avoid the recipes with sweet ingredients like honey or bananas).

Hope you feel less hungry soon.
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#669686 Please Help My Sister By Sharing Your Story

Posted by on 21 January 2011 - 06:51 PM

Hi Revenant,

I thought of something to try- you can get the Biocard blood test (http://www.coeliactest.com.au/) on Ebay, and probably in lots of other places. It tests for IgA tissue transglutaminase antibodies. You squeeze some blood from your finger into a test tube and get an instant result. It got a very positive write-up in the celiac journal. I don't know whether it works for gluten intolerance or just celiac but it could be worth a try. If you bought it and asked your sister to use it, she might.
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#668355 How Many People Are Actually Self-diagnosed?

Posted by on 16 January 2011 - 10:04 PM

Like many people here I feel extremely let-down by my doctors' inability to twig on in the face of what now seem like some pretty obvious symptoms- recurrent canker sores, total exhaustion, severe depression since childhood. Medicated (ineffectively) for the depression, and told to go away and deal with the canker sores and tiredness, they didn't know why and once they'd established that I didn't have cancer in my mouth they didn't know what else to suggest. Many miserable years.

My suffering lead me to search high and low for help and THANKFULLY I eventually visited a nutritionist and she said she suspected I had been celiac since birth. A gluten-free diet very rapidly eliminated my symptoms, and I've been ulcer-free, depression-free since I started the diet(about 3 years), plus I can stay awake all day B) I was able to wean myself off all my meds about a year after starting the diet, and I haven't looked back, now I can roll with the punches. Any accidental glutenings lead to a dramatic return of symptoms for a few days. I haven't been back to see my doctor in all this time, I'm not going to hold my breath as to what her reaction would be <_< Honestly, I would love a proper diagnosis but I don't think it's possible at this point. Might pay for the genetic testing. If I could get an appointment with a sympathetic doctor who might diagnose according to symptoms that would be sweet, but I'm feeling pretty cynical about doctors and like I just need to get on with looking after myself.
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#665663 Please Help My Sister By Sharing Your Story

Posted by on 05 January 2011 - 04:55 PM

I was depressed almost for as long as I can remember, since I was a young child. I was a psychiatric hospital out-patient throughout my teens, and took SSRIs throughout my teens and twenties. I believed I had been 'born wrong' somehow- I felt sad all the time, had panic attacks and rages. I would wake up sad in the morning and cry all day. I also had big ulcers in my throat and was utterly exhausted.
When I was 27 and the doctors had told me that I'd be on anti-depressants for life, and that they didn't know what to do about my throat, I consulted a nutritionist in my desperation. She said I appeared to her to be an obvious celiac and to give up gluten. Within 2 weeks my throat was fine, I had a few months of gluten detox and my depression lifted quickly, I stopped needing to sleep in the day. Eventually I gave up all medications and I've been totally med-free and non-depressed for 2.5 years now.
BUT if I get glutened I go a bit 'mental'- I cry and whine, I rage, I'm abusive and generally foul to live with. Plus I immediately get a throat ulcer and feel wiped out. I never had a proper diagnosis because one little bit of gluten sends me back into such a pit of despair that I'm not willing to do a 6 week gluten challenge and god-know-what damage just so a doctor can say, 'uh, yes, you can't eat wheat'.

I very much sympathise with you because I'm in a similar position with my father and a cousin. My father has chronic fatigue and after literally begging and all manners of persuasion possible (it took me about 5 years) he agreed to try a gluten free diet a year ago. He said he'd try it properly for three months and if it didn't do anything he's give it up. The whole family hasn't looked back, he's still too ill to work (I think his ME is pretty complex) but now he's doing things we wouldn't have ever believed possible a year ago, for me its been like a miracle, I often jump for joy! Any little bit of gluten makes him feel terrible now, so he carefully avoids it.
My cousin has schizophrenia and his mother is diagnosed celiac. I've sent articles about the celiac schizophrenia link, tried all types of persuasion possible and noone will even take him for a blood test, it drives me completely crazy! If I could I'd take him myself but I'm impossibly far away. I guess you can physically only do what you can do, keep being there, keep mentioning it, but your sister has got to want to try it. All I can say is that I feel for you and I cross my fingers that maybe sometime she'll feel differently soon. A hug!
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