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Topics I've Started

Doctor In United Kingdom

02 April 2011 - 05:11 PM


Can anyone recommend a helpful doctor in the UK? Someone who is an expert on coeliac disease and all its rammifications. If they were up-to-date about the links between coeliac disease and mental health problems that would be even better. I wouldn't have a problem with paying to see someone who was really good privately.

I am undiagnosed and my body is getting more and more sensitive as time goes by, its turned into a gigantic problem. I really need to speak to a sympathetic doctor and get some advice on this and other health concerns which I believe are interconnected, but without being pressurized into doing a gluten challenge, which I believe would be impossible for me- this is why I need to speak to someone who would take mental health implications seriously.

Many thanks.

Gluten Making Me Uproot Myself

12 March 2011 - 10:52 PM

I'm writing this because I'd like to share a difficult position I'm in and to see if anyone else has got through a similar situation or has any words for me.

I gave up gluten 4 years ago on the advice of a nutritionist. Before that I had been clinically depressed since childhood, I had canker sores constantly (negative biospy) and was so tired that my social life was nonexistant and I could only bring myself to do an undemanding job (sleeping before, after and during work). After giving up gluten I was able to come off all my meds, no longer depressed, no longer irritable, wide awake all day and able to work hard all day and go out at night, no canker sores unless glutened- you get the picture. A whole new life! However, I also suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder, I'm from England) and even being gluten-free couldn't shift that, so in order to complete my wellness I moved to Colombia, South America, two years ago (I had spent a lot of time here in the past and had work possibilities and friends here).

However, things have not been all rosy. The climate is fantastic, I have wonderful friends and a very enjoyable social life, my work life is blossoming BUT there is gluten in EVERYTHING. Food labelling is not a true representation of what is in the food. Awareness of celiac disease is zilch here, because manufacturers of a dazzling array of foods put flour in to bulk products out (powdered milk, soya milk, corn products, hot chocolate, instant coffee, vitamin tablets, packets of nuts are cross contaminated). I cook 99% of my own food from scratch, which is bloody hard, as I work more than full time, but I can't prepare absolutely everything I eat in my whole life from raw ingredients. I've stopped eating in restaurants after being glutened having been assured that an item didn't contain flour- either people can't be bothered to check or just want to make a sale. I'm getting glutened every week or two (if its mild then I feel exhausted and irrate, if its more serious then I get an ulcer in my throat and a big mental wobble, aching joints and narcolepsy-like symptoms for a few days).

So I am coming to the conclusion that I will have to uproot myself from my life in Colombia and live somewhere with proper food labelling. I'm 31 and I've come through hell to be where I am now, and I'm worried about developing another autoimmune disease or a whole new problem if I get on getting glutened like this. I think maybe I should get out while I'm ahead of the game. I've got a long way to go and I need to be well! This isn't just paranoia, right?

But I'm gutted about leaving my work, which I love, my friends, my life and going off to make a new start. I think I'm going to try the south of Spain because its near home, the weather's better than England, they speak Spanish, but really I can hardly believe that my life is being turned upsidedown like this because of food. Added to this is the fact that I am not even diagnosed, because I'm scared that a gluten challenge would finish me off.

So I'm feeling angry, sad and aprehensive- gluten, why do you keep having to bring me fresh problems? :(

Throat Ulcers

06 March 2011 - 07:31 PM

This is just out of curiosity- does anyone else get ulcers in their throat when they eat gluten? This was the absolute bane of my life for years until I discovered they were caused by gluten. If I consume any gluten I get a big ulcer in my throat within a couple of hours, I'm exhausted to the point of lying down and sleeping anywhere, and I am tearful, aggressive and depressive (for two or three days). But my throat is always my primary 'gluten barometer'.

If you do get the ulcers I'd be really curious to know whether you are diagnosed coeliac or whether you are gluten intolerant, or undiagnosed and not sure. And what your other symptoms are.

I don't have a diagnosis as I gave up gluten several years ago as advised by a naturopath, and every time I get glutened its so traumatic (for me and for those around me ;) ! ) that I haven't wanted to do a gluten challenge. I'm wondering if the ulcers implicate coeliac or gluten intolerance. And whether anyone else shares this peculiarity.

Many thanks.

How Is Life For Coeliacs In Spain?

06 March 2011 - 07:13 PM

Hi all,

I'm currently living in Colombia which is pretty much a disaster in terms of avoiding gluten as there is zero awareness of coeliac disease and no laws concerning food labelling- they stick flour in foods to bulk them out and they don't have to list it on the ingredients. I've been glutened by powdered milk (which is also an ingredient in so many products), soya milk, instant coffee, hot chocolate, packets of nuts, vitamin tablets, they put stock cubes or spice powder (containing flour) in most cooked dishes. It really comes down to preparing all my own food from scratch and I can do that a lot of the time, but not ALL the time. Sometimes I just want to buy something and believe what it says on the packet.

Anyway, I've been quite ill with it- I probably get glutened every couple of weeks, and I've decided enough is enough, I need to move to a country where they label food properly before I get iller. I'm seriously considering Spain, probably Seville. Is anyone living there and how is your gluten-free life there? Is eating out in restaurants a problem? Can you buy decent and safe products and ingredients? How is the general awareness in Spain of what coeliac is?

Many thanks for your help.

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