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In Topic: Anyone Else In Central Upstate Ny?

30 November 2006 - 12:54 PM

I'm from Oneonta, up the Susquehanna from you. I didn't get flooded out of my house, but the town of Oneonta and surrounding area was hammered. Much of the city was under water for the better part of a week. The sewage treatment plant was underwater and nonfunctioning until September (sorry about the raw sewage dumped into the river :ph34r: ) Many of the roads are still showing some damage from the flood.

I hope your situation turns around for you very soon.

'Willi Wonka Chocolate River' as my 13 year old liked to call it has cleared up and behaving itself for the most part. Gave us a scare a couple times though when it creeped back up the bank. Things are finally moving along with a new crew working on the house. I will even have my very own gluten free kitchen pantry cabinet. With 4 kids it is hard to keep them out of my gluten-free snacks and especially the fruity pebbles.

In Topic: Anyone Else In Central Upstate Ny?

29 November 2006 - 09:29 AM

Hi all, I am from Conklin, NY. Did anyone else get hit by the June flood. Boy it is hard being gluten-free in a FEMA trailer. Major break out of DH going on and it is miserable. Almost back in the house though

In Topic: Doc Called Enterolab "quackery"

25 April 2006 - 12:46 PM

Sounds like the doctor I had as well. Are you from the Binghamton area? I am fighting with his office to get the images from a capsule endoscopy that he performed. Wonder why? My advise, get a new GI.

In Topic: The Wrong Anti-depressant?

11 January 2006 - 06:28 PM

Ev in Michigan,

I had typed a rather long reply to you and one of my kids hit a button on computer and it is now lost. Sorry for that. Anyway, Here is my advise from experiance, don't let your doctor just write you off with an anti-depressant. I was stupid enough to let that happen and I did not need an anti-depressant. Same doctor told me 10 years ago that I had iflammatory bowel disease, then he disappeared for a few years, came back and now all his patients have irritable bowel disease and he prescribes Effexor. I trusted him and took it and I have to say that it was hell!!! That is when I started researchin and looking for answers on my own. Now I know that I am gluten intolorant, and most definatly celiac, the stupid doctors won't do a biopsy.

My advise, DON'T GO FOR THE ANTI-DEPRESSANT!!!!! FIRST INSIST ON CELIAC BLOOD PANEL AND BIOPSY. You would not be here on this site if you were not seeking answers. I have found this site to be a live saver. I was diagnosed via EnterLab. Trust me, I have ingested gluten sense the results and low and behold the symptoms come back each and every time that I eat and/or drink something with gluten.

When completly Gluten Free I feel AWSOME.
So anyway my advise is don't do the drugs, trust your body and continue to ask questions and insist that your health care provider perform the correct tests.

Good luck and keep us posted with your struggle to find an answer.

In Topic: Biopsy And Colonoscopy

11 January 2006 - 05:31 PM

Patty and SB4480,

Thank you both for your replies.

Update to my plans for the prep and proceedure;

Doctor's office called today and the C-Diff and Giardia was negative. Good news in some fashion, but still no answer to the puke fest (as my son calls it) and the never ending D. I believe deep down that he does in fact have at the very least gluten intolorance like his mom. I pray every night that is not the case. Kinda hoping that he is cheating on the dairy free diet. But, I really don't believe that is what is happening.

Anyway, the prep that he has to do is after lunch on Saturday (proceedure is Mon.) he goes on liquid diet. Also has to take 1 ducolax on Saturday evening. Sunday is strict clear liquid diet and suppose to start drinking 10oz bottle of Magnesium something or the other at 2pm and begin visiting the BR.

Spoke to nurse prac. and she said that starting the magnesium at 4pm would be ok so that my son can still go on his first trip with the ski club. He has missed out on alot lately. My husband and I plan to send him off on the ski bus in morning and pick him up in the motor home on the mountain at 3:30. I knew there was a reason for letting my hubby get that darn motor home :P . Personally I like hotel vacations more than that darn motor home :rolleyes: . Anyway, Brandon will start the prep once we hit the road. It is a 3 hour drive to the children's hospital where his GI doctor is. When we get there he can drink or shall I say choke down the second bottle and spend the rest of the evening in the hotel potty room with his portable DVD player. On a good note, Mom and Dad won't miss the girls on Wisteria Lane :P love that show. Looking for a bright side to all this, can you tell.

Now for the eating issue. Brandon has requested a 1 inch thick T-Bone Steak from the local butcher as his last supper before the prep begins (kid after my own heart). So he gets that meal on Saturday for lunch, yum B) .

Here is my problem, what the heck can I feed him so that he doesn't feel starved on Sunday??? He will be skiing and probably rather hungry at first. The kid doesn't like chicken broth. Jello would work but would he feel full. I do understand and know that once the prep kicks in he more than likely won't even want to eat.

I just feel so guilty, like I passed on these horrid genes to my child. Any suggestions to help make this weekend easier would be greatly appreciated. It is so much easier to deal with, you know trying to find the answer to your health issues; but when it comes to your child, God it is just so much harder. The guilt is so overwhelming.

I apologize for this post being so long. I have found great strength and comfort here before during my struggle to finally figure out what was wrong with me. I am so hating myself right now for possibly passing on my poopy genes :( to my sweet little boy (eventhough he would say he isn't so little anymore).
The poor kid lost 9 pounds last week alone with all the vomiting, thank God he had a little extra to loose.

Thank you all for your support. It is people like you that give me the strength to keep fighting for an answer.

P.S.- Sorry my last post was so long. Thank you for listening.

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