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Member Since 13 Jan 2011
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Topics I've Started

A Question About Healing

28 January 2011 - 12:23 PM

Hi there,

My doctor has told me that I have increased lymphocytes in my small intestines (I've mentioned this before in a couple of other threads) - which makes sense as I do have some tenderness in my tummy as well as plenty of diarreah.

I have been on a very strict gluten free, lactose free, refined sugar free, soy free and now corn free diet for the last 2 weeks and whilst I have noticed that the diarreah has eased a bit, I still have that tenderness. Also, my lymph nodes in my neck and chest have swelled up which I'm assuming is a response to the infection.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else had a tenderness in their abdomen that was related to being a celiac and if so, how long did it take you before it started to ease up? Do you think it's worth going on antibiotics to help things along a little?

I'm being referred to a immunologist as soon as my doctor has a complete set of tests, so I'm wondering if there's something else that could be causing the inflammation as well, but I thought I'd ask in case this was normal celiacs disease.



Question For Celiacs And Thyroid Sufferers

23 January 2011 - 02:51 PM

Hi there,

I am having my thyroid tested due to a number of weird problems I'm experiencing. The scariest problem I have is a terrible irregular heartbeat that mostly happens when I go to bed at night. It quite often feels like I'm having a heart attack with terrible chest pain. I've been to see 2 cardiologists and several doctors who have all told me that everything is fine. I've had all the tests done, but nothing seems to show up.

I have recently read somewhere that people with thryroid problems can quite often experience heart palpitations, so I thought I'd ask if this is a symptom. Also, I thought I'd find out if it is a symptom, did you experience any relief by going gluten free?

Did You Have Weird Symptoms When You Went Gluten Free?

19 January 2011 - 06:59 PM

So, I'm soooooo new to this whole gluten free world (I keep forgetting to check the chopping board for bread crumbs and the tea towel for example). Anyway, I've been feeling really vague, VERY tired, lots of dizziness etc. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue as well, but I've noticed that these symptoms have become 10 times worse since starting this diet. I'm wondering if it's just a coincidence that everything is getting so much worse of if my body is adjusting to the new diet.

Did anyone else have trouble adjusting to the new diet or did you feel better pretty quickly after starting?


Celiac And Chronic Fatigue?

18 January 2011 - 12:59 PM

Well since they've told me that I could have the early onset of Celiacs Disease, I've also started discussing all the other inflammation I have going on in my body. I have rib pain, mild lung pain, now a swollen throat and extreme dizzy spells (which I think is a symptom of the throat issues).

My doctor has told me that it's likely that I have chronic fatigue syndrome but is testing for other auto immune diseases just in case. So far every blood test I've had has come back fine (full blood count, iron, lft,tsh etc etc), but he wants to check a tonne of other ones such as ANA, CRP (can't remember the rest).

So, for the moment I've been given Astra 8 which is supposed to be an immune booster. I have to take that for 2 weeks and go back and see him. I'm also gluten free, lactose free, and refined sugar free. I'm working my way up to going caffeine free and soy free but I'm so tired that I just need to take this step by step for the moment.

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue? In me, the symptoms definitely fit - I'm just hoping that one day there's an end to it.

Question About Gluten Free Products

15 January 2011 - 01:22 PM

I've only been on this diet for a couple of days and have a question about what you consider to be really gluten free.

A number of products such as cornflakes will state that they do not contain wheat but are made on machinery that may have been used to manufacture wheat products - knowing this, do you still eat cornflakes?

Having to shop in the health food isle is fine, but it is alot more expensive, so if it's possible to eat things like cornflakes or rice bubbles or other products that are not made from wheat or gluten but not necessarily processed according to gluten free guidelines would be easier for me (but only if the risk is worth taking).

Has anyone here had any reactions when they've eaten food with these sorts of labels on them?


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