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Member Since 18 Jan 2011
Offline Last Active May 05 2011 09:00 AM

Topics I've Started

Daughter Getting Married In Vegas

15 April 2011 - 12:53 PM

My DD is getting married in Vegas in July and can not eat gluten just like her mom. Does anyone know of a gluten free bakery we can order the cake from? I googled and only really came up with Aces Up bakery on Hualapai Way but the webisite is not operational and nobody answers the phone. Any suggestions?

Got The Results Of My Food Panel Back

26 March 2011 - 07:47 AM

So, I got the results of my food sensitivity panel (blood) back and out of 154 foods tested I am sensitive to 36. Surprisingly, wheat and gluten were in the low range and cutting gluten out has made a HUGE impact in my health already (gluten free almost three months now.) Anyway, out of the remaing 118 foods I reacted to 50 of those - just not enough to be considered a true sensitivity I guess. My plan is to definitely eliminate all the ones I tested sensitive to (red zone), even if it was on the low scale. Would you personally avoid even the ones that you had a reaction to (black zone) but just not enough to test in the red zone? I am leaning toward doing that as much as possible but there were things on there like chicken and beef and since I reacted to a lot of seafood items that would leave me turkey and pork only.

Oh, and surprisingly enough - barley was a reaction just not a red zone reaction along with oats. Rye on the other hand had no reaction what so ever! And could someone please explain to me how I could be in the red zone for casein and in the black zone for whey but no reaction on cow's milk?

Going To See A Natropath Next Tuesday

28 February 2011 - 09:58 AM

Well, I have been gluten free since January 2nd and the difference was AMAZING. I no longer feel like I am dying (no joke.) But...the last few weeks I have begun to feel like I did when I first started to get sick almost four years ago - tired, achy, bloated. I am pretty sure I am not consuming gluten so I suspect there are other food intollerances that are just now rearing their ugly heads.

So, I made an appointment with a Natropath that has experience with food allergies. I REFUSE to go back to any of my old doctors because they chalked me up to being a hypochondriac (despite vitimin deficiencies, postivie ANA, positive Sjogren's, etc. etc. etc.) I am really hoping she can help me.

My main problem is, my husband rolled his eyes when I told him. He was not a jerk when I was undiagnosed but I know he was thinking along the same lines as the doctors. Now he thinks I am just being whiny again and it makes me sad :(

For Those Of You That Are Soy Sensitive...

08 February 2011 - 07:21 AM

I am self diagnosed (and don't really care to have the "official" diagnosis) and have been gluten free a little over 1 month. I am beginning to suspect that I have additional intollerances as well. I cut out dairy a few days ago because I noticed my stomach would hurt after my morning coffee (with half and half.) I am now suspecting soy as well after I ate some tofu last night because I was up at 2 am with a headache and a bad stomachh ache. Also last night I noticed my ankles were swollen - something that was resolved going gluten free.

So, if you react to soy are your reactions similar?

Has Anyone Been Glutened At Carrabbas?

04 February 2011 - 10:49 AM

I went to Carrabbas last Saturday because I found a gluten tree menu online. I picked out a gluten free alcoholic beverage (Carrabba-Rita), a gluten free salad (Insalata Fiorucci)and a gluten free main course (Pollo Rosa Maria). The only thing it said I had to do was ask that my chicken not be basted with grill baste. Waiter knew I needed to be gluten free and acted like he knew / dealt with it often. Half way through my main course I get INCREDIBLY sick and had to go into the bathroom to throw up. I am suspecting that my chicken really did have grill baste. I sent an e-mail off to the restaurant the next day because I felt like crap (did for three days actually) and the manager did call me back on Monday but I was not able to answer my phone. Anyone else had a problem at Carrabbas?

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