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Not New Here,......blood Testing Question.

11 February 2013 - 12:10 PM

Don't know how many remember me from awhile back, but I am in need of having a question answered.
Little bit of history first.

I was diagnosed with IBS a long time ago, and had symptoms that seemed to match. I ended up going to a functional medicine type doc a few years ago, and for some reason he ordered a gene test through Enterolab.

It came back positive, and I was told to go gluten-free right away. I did this, and roughly 2/2011 I ended up having a colonoscopy and EGD done.
My GI doc said I showed no signs of celiac disease through biopsy, or any problems with my villi.
He basically called the other doc a quack, and said I could return to a regular diet.

Long story short,......I ended up staying gluten-free for about a full year, but didn't really feel any different to be honest.
I slowly started back to eating my old diet, which is quite healthy, but does include gluten. Eating a turkey, tomato, and cheese sandwich on rye bread as I type.

My point is the fact I have never been tested via a blood sample.
I brought this up to my primary care doc in January, but he said that the blood tests were basically worthless, and wouldn't confirm/deny a thing.

Is this true?
If not, and I insist, he will order the tests and my insurance will cover it. I am simply trying to find out what the truth is in my case.
DO I have a gluten intolerance, or don't I?
DO my stomach issues, and arthritis pains come from gluten, or just a result of other issues, and a lot of hard physical work that I have done in my life.

If someone could answer this question, and tell me what blood tests are applicable, I would appreciate it very much.
BTW,.......no problem with not being 'glutened up' per se. I have been eating without restriction for many months now. I'm full of the stuff by now! :)


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