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Member Since 26 Jan 2011
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Super Sensitive And Living In A Mixed Household

22 February 2011 - 12:04 AM

I got glutened from my dad, who wiped his hands, but did not wash them (or even rinse thoroughly) after eating a doughnut before he reached into a bag of my almonds (that I later ate). I am working on my parents into making at least the kitchen gluten-free, and not physically interacting at all with my mom, as she insists upon wearing Aveno products (and she touched my hand after putting on lotion, and I broke out in a rash only where she touched), and pretty much making my dad scrub for surgery before I'll do so with him. I also reacted BADLY to an apple that was cut with the same knife that had cut sandwiches before hand. Both of these, I didn't find out the source until afterwards.

So, I was wondering if there were other people who were super sensitive who lived in a non gluten-free household. Do you have any further tips to keep me from getting glutened? I have so much anxiety at my own house because, although the wheat bread that is used for sandwiches is made on a plate and not directly on the counter, my parents are very messy and will still leave crumbs. I'm so tired of having to wipe down the whole kitchen before every time I cook something, and I am the only one I trust to do my own dishes, as my mom is terrible about leaving residue on plates. The few times my dad had done them, his picture has been taken.

Am I wrong to want, at the VERY least, to want them to make it a gluten-free kitchen, especially since they have made me sick already? I don't want them to never eat it again (well, I do, because I think they could benefit from going gluten-free), and if they want to bring home glutened take-out, they can eat it in the dining-room. They could also make their sandwiches, and put their glutened crackers in their glutened soups there, too.

I Miss Beer

09 February 2011 - 07:07 PM

[rant] Before figuring out that gluten has been causing such horrible symptoms in me, I used to be a beer aficionado... as in, I had my own dedicated beer glass that was NEVER washed with detergent (as it affects head retention), I was able to detect undertones and high notes and all of the fancy terms "real" ;) :rolleyes: *snobs* use in describing the experience, and the highlight of my year was a certain beer festival. I had even started brewing my own, and was planning another brew before I learned I must avoid gluten.

And, yes, I know about Red Bridge and other gluten-free beers, but I'm sorry, it is NOT the same. Red Bridge cannot match the fullness of a Samuel Smith's Porter, or the citrusy notes of a Sweetwater IPA, and DAMMIT, I'm SO MAD that beer makes me so sick. My favorite seasonal last year was Sam Adam's Noble Pilsner, and I nearly lost it when I saw it out again (the first time this year) last week at the store.

*SIGH* I will be alright with this... eventually. Just not right now.


Yes Or No?

29 January 2011 - 03:45 AM

Like the header for the title says, my test results came back with a normal tTC IgA and a slightly elevated tTC IgG. As my labwork says, I have "none detected" niacin, almost no Vitamin D, and I'm on the "low normal" ranges of the other vitamins I was tested for. Even with a little over a week of going gluten free, the nausea that has been a constant in my life for... a really, really long time (at least 15 years) is not nearly as severe. I've been able to forgo anti-emetics a couple mornings, actually, when I would have taken it if I had still been eating gluten (I suspect). D hasn't been so bad... things have been loose, but not explosive (except the morning after I ate something without reading a label... which is when the nausea came back).

So.... I trust others who live with these diseases than I do doctors who only read about them. I haven't heard from my doc about these results, actually... They were drawn a month ago, and were expected to be in after two weeks. I called yesterday and demanded they be faxed to me. I don't know if or when I would have been notified. I am supposed to get another test and see this doctor again, but after this, I'm not sure if I want to. I have been reading more and more about the effects of B3 deficiency, and it's not pretty. The same with Vitamin D. It is a miracle that I only have very, very minor skin involvement going on right now (pellegra and DH look very similar.... perhaps a connection?), and I don't have full blown Pellagra (although I'm not so sure that I don't have delirium right now. :rolleyes: ).

Sigh... I keep hearing snippets of the Hippocratic Oath, not so much "Do no harm", though that if you follow that, then providing prevention should be no question, because prevention of a disease is far superior than a cure for a disease (or something like that).

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