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In Topic: Singapore

12 July 2011 - 02:37 AM

Thanks for the advice and well wishes! Sorry to vent but it has been quite frustrating. My brother who I'm visiting here has tried to be very accommodating but it's still been a challenge. Hopefully it will get better! I chickened out today and ordered risotto when we went for lunch. So strange how much of a fear of food you develop when you have this! :(

In Topic: Sensitivity Threshold

28 January 2011 - 03:30 PM

Thanks, all! What you said makes sense. My boyfriend compared it to someone who drinks all the time, then doesn't drink for a while. The next time they drink, they will be more sensitive to the effects of alcohol.

It's just frustrating. I've made a very conscious effort to go gluten free, but the silly things that most people wouldn't ever think about (like crumbs in the toaster) seem to get me. Every time I've had a reaction since starting the diet, I get that nagging "what if I'm wrong?" feeling, even though I can find a traceable source after the fact. I had discovered that getting rid of gluten from my diet fixed the problems on my own before even seeing the doctor, and then brought up my concerns which she agreed with. Since I don't have an "official" diagnosis, I'm always concerned that people will think I'm some sort of hypochondriac, or that I'm going out of my way to eat gluten free if that is not the real issue. I'm glad to know that I'm not just crazy. :)

It seems the first year is a lot of trial and error, unfortunately.

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