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Member Since 31 Jan 2011
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Struggling To Lose Weight...

14 March 2012 - 09:17 AM

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease on January 25, 2011. I had been losing a lot of weight, fast. Once going gluten-free, and my innards began to heal, I put it back on. And then some, like 15 pounds MORE than I started with BEFORE I lost weight being ill. I was stuck on the whole "I have Celiacs now, it's going to be impossible to lose the weight, etc. etc. etc..." and I lived with that for about 4 months. I was unhappy how I looked, hated looking into a mirror. Lost my confidence.

Then, I realised something. Celiac disease did not take away my body's ability to lose weight. I gave up. Even though I have Celiac disease this same formula holds: Calories in < calories burned. Less input, more output. I gave up eating gluten-free bread, it is more calories than the wheat crap I ate before. Ditto pastas. I eat a slice of bread maybe once a week now. I started online Weight Watchers. I walk, use my exercise bike, play with my dogs in the back yard. I clean my house more vigorously. And, I am losing weight now. Being Celiac didn't stop me from losing weight, THINKING that I couldn't lose weight because I had Celiac's kept me from losing it.

Just a thought. Hope it helps someone get over what I was going though, which is what I call the Celiac Weight Dilemma. Commercially prepared gluten-free foods are high in calories. If you eat them, you need to burn them.

I now eat tons of fresh fruit, veggies, veggie and chicken stir fries, some beef (lean), and can now evern eat dairy products.

The Gluten Was "fermented" Out Of The Sauce

10 June 2011 - 02:01 PM

So today I went to a trade show and was lured to a booth boasting gluten-free products. Spices and sauces etc. The first item I picked up was a sauce with soy sauce in it. Second ingredient in the soy sauce was wheat. I emailed the company and they snottily replied that the gluten was "fermented" out of the sauce. Can this be?


I Might Be An Idiot, But I Am Desperate...

23 April 2011 - 05:11 AM

I have had D since the 3rd of April. It doesn't matter what I eat, it doesn't matter what I drink. My diet for the past 3 days has consisted of G2 Gatorade, water, tea, rice crackers, jars of baby food bananas. If I take Imodium it helps control it but I get horrible cramps and bloating. I called the doctor and asked for Lomotil on the 14th and they called in a prescription for me for 3 days worth and that was it. I went tot he doctor for this about 2 weeks ago and I was told it would pass... I am not sure what to do. I mean, aside from seeing the doctor again. Is there something I'm missing? Is there anyone else out there who gets it this bad? I feel like a freak. I mean, I can't even drink and eat a few crackers without having to be 10 feet from the bathroom. I am scared and stressed and my husband has no idea what to do with me anymore... I want my life back! If there is ANYONE out there who has gone through this, and can tell me how they managed the big D, please, please let me know. I am so desperate. Thank you in advance, sorry for being a whiner :)

Frustrated, I Give Up!

11 April 2011 - 06:20 AM

Good (?) morning, everyone.

I am a newly diagnosed Celiac patient, diagnosed January 25 of this year. A little bit of my history:
I am 47 years old, married with 3 grown children. Most of my life I sailed through with what I termed as a "cast iron stomach", able to eat anything with no gastrointestinal issues. About 4 years ago while traveling to Las Vegas with my husband and one of my daughters I became ill. The Big D, and vomiting our first night in Vegas. We drove there and I assumed that the first day on the road I got a little food poisoning. Well, I left DH and DD to sightsee and retired to our room thinking I would be better in the morning. Fast forward 6 days, to me laying on the floor of the bathroom in our room, I hadn't left the room in 6 days. Fluids exploding out of my body no matter what I ingested. DH begged me to go to the hospital, but I was afraid to leave the room and the safety of my porcelain altar.

Finally I agreed to go to a clinic. The doctor there gave me some lovely pills to slow things down, and as a perk they made me feel all dream like and stopped everything in their tracks. After receiving IV fluids I was allowed to leave with enough meds to get me home. My doctor at home did the usual stool and standard blood tests and all were negative. Things settled down. Periodically I began to have recurring symptoms, but assumed that since my nasty trip experience that my guts were just "weakened" and I would have to suck it up. After all, I was no longer a young chick!

Well, this past fall beginning in September I became very ill. For the entire month of September I could not work, I was in my bathroom. I could not leave my house. Really. It was horrid. I drank water, it came out, Niagra Falls action. The doctor did stool samples, they did blood work, they had me on three different antibiotics and Flagyl which made me want to die. Nothing worked. I took enough Immodium to ensure the CEO of the company could add a new wing on his mansion and furnish it, too.

Nothing worked. The doctor and I had a huge go-around about a colonoscopy, as there was blood present in my stools. I dug in my heels and there were some words but he won. The test was inconclusive, inflammation but no polyps etc. In December for the entire month I began to lose a half pound a day. He suggested a gastroscopy. I told him to go... well. He finally did a Celiac panel. The values were all in the high hundreds. He diagnosed me with Celiac. OK. This diagnosis I was given in late January as mentioned above. I can deal with this I thought. Better than the Big C.

So, I go gluten free. By February I am feeling great. Fabulous! The weight loss slows, then stops. This was a little disappointing, but whatever. Then last week, it started again. Last Saturday, my husband "glutened" me. I am pretty sure it was unintentional as he has been SO supportive. We were in another city, he bought some cashews and said they were fine. His eyesight is not what it used to be and he didn't see the malt barley soy flavoring ingredient. By evening I was suffering horribly... cramps, terrible.

Next morning, Big D came to visit. And nothing has been right since then. It's been what, going on 9 days and I have been so careful of what I eat and nothing is working. I am so hungry and everything is going right through me. I give up. I am drinking lots of fluids, and G2 Gatorade. I take a chewable gluten free multivitamin. I drink water. I am sooo hungry. Any suggestions? Because if this keeps up, I am just going to go to my favorite bakery this afternoon and buy a loaf of bread and make sandwiches today :) I mean, if I'm going to eat gluten free and suffer with this diet and STILL be sick, I might as well have a reason to be. Right?

I am sorry this is so long and I am so whiney. Truly I am, and I thank you for sticking with this and reading thus far... if you made it! I just needed to vent, and maybe this will give me the strength to pull off another day of this hell. But the cramps, gas, bloating and diarrhea are really taking their toll. Oh I went to the Dr. last week and he sent me for blood tests. For a lot of things, just waiting for results. Will post when I hear anything. Thanks for being here, fellow Celiacs.


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