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Member Since 12 Feb 2011
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Glutening Myself Tonight

10 March 2011 - 03:02 PM

I went to the OB today about my stomach pains, she was the last step in Dr's interested in if their specialty could be the cause. She's scheduling me for a hysterectomy in 3 weeks. Last time I had a laporoscopy done (for endometriosis), she'd noted that I had a lot of scar tissue adhering my uterus to my abdominal wall. This "may" account for the stomach pains that haven't yet been helped with gluten-free.

I'm definitely keeping gluten-free forever more as it has helped TREMENDOUSLY with the Big "D" which is almost now non-existent. BUT, a hysterectomy is a big step. A HUGE step and I want to be SURE that food isn't what is causing my stomach pain. I just recently have recovered from my latest stomach pain and I never get them continuous or back to back.

So tonight is the night. I figure I'm going to do it right and will be having GLUTEN, GREASY, Yummy Dominoes Pizza. If I get the stomach pain (appendix like pain) then I know it's food. If I don't get it (I know I'll get the Big D), then I know something else must be causing this and I'll go ahead with my hysterectomy. Not like I need those parts anymore anyway but I also don't want to have unnecessary major surgery.

So I'm going to bite the bullet (or in this case the pizza) and go for it. It's perfect timing, I don't need to go anywhere tomorrow (so Big D won't be that Big of a Deal), I've just recently had my stomach pain and I NEED to KNOW before I agree to the hysterectomy.. Either way, this will be my ONLY purposeful gluten meal. We've been trying to think all day of what the worst food I could have is and decided pizza was it.

Came So Close To Thinking I'd Found The Answer

07 March 2011 - 02:04 PM

Ok, so my reasons for suspecting gluten were chronic daily diarrhea for 2 years and occasional (up to a couple of times per month) stomach pain (below my belly button) that was so bad that several times my doctors and I thought it was my appendix and went to the E.R. After I suspected gluten, I started discovering a lot of other things that going gluten-free could help with, such as scatter brain (you guys call it "brain fog") and joint pain.

I'd been doing so well, my Big D had almost disappeared and had not had the stomach pain since going gluten free 2/11 but it's disappeared for months before. Saturday, I had some mild stomach cramping but knew my monthly cycle was due so attributed it to that. I was craving Hot Wings like a fiend. Our local chain of hot wings is called Plucker's and they swear and advertise they're gluten free. I got my hot wings and an hour later had horrible stomach cramping and the Big D. Now I know you might think I'm not used to spicy food, but even though I'm doing gluten-free, I have migas most mornings with my gluten-free HOT sauce and chicken enchiladas with spicy sauce (on corn tortillas). I LOVE spicy food. And my migas and enchiladas were not bothering me a bit and my diarrhea was almost non-existent.

Later Saturday evening, my monthly cycle started. I've been keeping a diary of my stomach pains, monthly menstrual cycles, food changes and such since January and this is the first time that my menstrual cycle coincided with my appendix pain". My OB is next stop, she was planning on checking to see if I have scar tissue that is causing intestinal blockage as the next step for my "appendix pain" diagnosis. My appointment is Thursday.

So gluten-free, seems to have helped with the Big D TREMENDOUSLY but not the stomach pain... or should I consider myself "gluttoned" from the chicken wings and still hope for gluten-free to also help with future stomach pain? Or can I rule gluten-free out as helping my appendix like pain?

What do you guys think? I'm not sure to tell my doc on Thursday that the gluten-free was helping both things or just the one.

Have I confused everyone?

Bread Crumbs - What To Use

07 March 2011 - 11:42 AM

I know this topic has to be answered already in here, but I've tried searching the board and can't come up with the right combo of words to get my answer...

What do I use in place of bread crumbs? I'm used to using saltines and Parmesan bread crumbs when I make chicken and meatloaf. What can I replace them with?

Glutened At Chili's?

22 February 2011 - 09:27 AM

First off, I'm still really new at this but have been having amazing results in how I feel. Yesterday I met my Mom for dinner at Chili's as I'd heard they have a gluten free menu. Their gluten free menu had "Monterey Chicken" on it so that sounded good and I ordered it. I didn't have much faith in my server especially when he asked if I wanted gravy on my mashed potatoes. Ummmm. no dude. I probably allowed myself to order incorrectly as I didn't see why I couldn't have the mashed potatoes without gravy (like the menu suggested) and the side of fresh veggies.

I was halfway through my meal and all of a sudden I broke out into a cold sweat and felt nauseous. I stopped eating. On the drive home I had severe stomach cramping that I felt certain I was going to throw up and a sensation of having a spiky rock in my stomach. I made it home but the cramping and nausea lasted for about 2 hours. I never did get sick and feel fine today. This is the first time since (recently) going gluten free that I've had the stomach pains.

Is this what being "glutened" feels like? Did I order something wrong?

Eating Too Well

20 February 2011 - 01:04 PM

Ok, I've found way too many ways to be food happy and be gluten free. I was thinking I'd go on gluten free and be able to drop a few pounds but that ain't gonna happen! I do not feel deprived of anything and am eating like a queen. This queen would love to drop 50 pounds but at my current rate of delicious food consumption it's only going to get worse, not better!

Why is ice cream gluten free? This morning I made migas for breakfast (without the flour tortillas) and OH MY, it was SO good!

The good news is... I think I can safely post this and I hope it doesn't jinx anything -- gluten free has given me more energy AND my gi issues are abating!

eta: If anyone is new to gluten free (and feeling deprived) and wants to know what I'm eating that is making me so happy, just let me know.. I'll share!

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