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Member Since 15 Feb 2011
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In Topic: International Travel - What Am I Going To Eat?

19 December 2013 - 07:28 AM

I've eaten gluten free food on several airlines without any major problems, but I think it really depends on which airline you're using.  A few times I've been served meals where certain portions were labeled gluten free, but other, pre-packaged items such as crackers that were clearly NOT gluten free were included (I'm looking at you, United Airlines!).  I always bring extra food anyway, in case of delays, cancellations, mistakes with the meal, etc.  I don't mind eating most things cold - I bring stuff like tacos, sandwiches, sliced sausages, fruit,  raw vegetables, nuts - but if you want hot food, you could get a good thermos and fill it with a meal that isn't too liquidy and it should be find at security.  I've found that my stuff often gets flagged for an additional search because food items are hard to identify for the screeners, but I've never had anything confiscated once they see what it is.

In Topic: Free-Range/natural gluten-free Bouillon Available?

13 December 2013 - 10:41 AM

Not sure if they have bullion, but we buy Pacific Natural Foods broths/stocks a lot.  I believe most, if not all, of their stocks/broths are gluten free, and they're also free range/organic.  Whole Foods carries them, and I occasionally see them at regular grocery stores.  I'm sure you can order it online, too.

In Topic: Mc D's gluten-free Burgers & Wendy's Frosty Cone

11 December 2013 - 07:35 AM

I haven't tried it, but McDonald's has had gluten free buns for years in the Scandinavian countries, where celiac is especially prevalent.  So they may have good practices established over there that they're trying out here now.  Not going to rush out to try it, but i wouldn't mind eating a Big Mac once in awhile if they can do it safely.

In Topic: Bonefish Grill

11 December 2013 - 07:28 AM

I've been to Bonefish several times with no problems.  Mostly Chicago area, but I've also gone there when traveling.  Staff seems to be well-trained, and the food is good.

In Topic: What Are Some Gluten Free Restaurants In S. Ca? La Area?

11 December 2013 - 07:25 AM

I was in the LA area for Thanksgiving, and I ate twice at True Food Kitchen in Newport with no problems - and I'm pretty sensitive.  Food was very good, too - a little pricey, but I definitely felt safe there.


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