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Member Since 19 Feb 2011
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In Topic: Whatcha Eating Today Celiacs?

27 March 2011 - 06:39 AM

Breakfast: smoothie- non-fat plain yogurt, frozen strawberries, orange juice, honey, banana & ice

Snack: hummus & carrot sticks

Lunch: sandwich- Udi's bread, mayo, mustard, dill Havarti cheese, avocado, tomato, Turkey

Snack: red grapes, rice crispy bar (gluten-free), 4 Pamela's simple bites chocolate chip cookies, raisins

Dinner: French style baked pork chop (breaded with gluten-free breadcrumbs), garlic and onion stir-fry asparagus, applesauce with cloves and Cinnamon

In Topic: Best Bread Brand?

20 March 2011 - 01:22 PM

After trying all the Gluten Free Breads on the market I found not one brand is worth eating they all taste like you're eating sand :angry: & there prices are so ridiculous!! so I started making my own ;)

I kinda agree. I don't really like Udi's. It tastes ok, but dry. I do buy it just so I have it as a choice, but I am very interested in learning to make my own!!!

In Topic: Too Much At Once!

19 March 2011 - 02:44 PM

I agree about the thyroid. It made me have carpal tunnel like symptoms and I went through the painful testing just to find out it wasn't that. My thyroid and I are on relatively good terms now. I understand it and know when it is to blame for the way I feel!

If you haven't had yours checked, I suggest you do. Also know that even though the "normal" TSH levels go up to 5.5, most people feel best under 2.

Good Luck! :)


thank you I will get this checked ASAP!

In Topic: Too Much At Once!

19 March 2011 - 02:43 PM

It really is overwhelming, the things that gluten can do to our bodies! And we have been unaware for so long sometimes of the things themselves, but certainly of why they are happening. Don't feel bad that it has suddenly "got" to you :unsure: , it has happened to all of us somewhere along the way, where we just say No, this too much, I can't do this, and want to kick the wall :D Do it if you want (but it does hurt the toes :rolleyes:

I have found that the right dose of magnesium is really important for cramps. If I don't continue taking 1000 mg a day they come back. Your mileage may vary. I can't seem to build up any magnesium stores in my body. I would be very interested in what supplement you take for your psoriasis - I am currently being plagued (plaqued :D ) by it again and none of my lotions and potions, ointments and creams seem to budge it.

You have been given good tips on how to manage your food problems. The gluten free goodie bag in the car is an essential (of course my purse is a bottomless pit of gluten free too). Hang in there and you will learn to handle it with aplomb.

Thank you for the encouragement & humor- hahaha kicking the wall, yes seems painful :P . I do appreciate the feedback. I have been so positive about all this, but I know I will have days like this. Oh yes, so my psoriasis is managed fairly well by my internal supplement called "Dermal Health" by herb pharm. It is a liquid and organic, plus gluten free!! It has a yellow label in a brown glass dropper. I use 30 drops once a day with a little bit of water. However, it says take 3 times a day...I do more when I need to. It is kinda expensive, so I do it once only if I can help it. You can save $ by getting the larger size (4 fluid ounces) about 48 bucks....instead of 1 ounce for 13 bucks. You can order this online or get it at herb stores. Hope this helps!!

In Topic: Too Much At Once!

19 March 2011 - 12:39 PM

You are doing well for the short time you have been gluten-free. It's odd to find out we all thought nothing was wrong with us & then something happens & our bodies go haywire ..It's almost like the devil was waiting to snatch us up & make us miserable!
You are thinking ahead by taking you own gluten-free food to a party , work, trip just anywhere. I always have a protein bar in my purse & a bag of gluten-free food in my car at all times.This way you never feel empty, you control the situation..... Too bad you didn't have time to bake yourself a cake. I make cupcakes & freeze them so when I get invited I can pull one out...it's always nice to have pre-packaged gluten-free as well when there's no time to repair yourself.

As your body heals you will become in tune with your body & things may crop up that you thought never bothered you -- its just maybe you never heard your body or understanding it was trying to alert you to certain issues.
From another site I have been reading where the thyroid can play havoc with all parts of our being ie; pain, fibromyglia, eye problems, & so on. My dad was 90%covered with psorasis back in the 80's, he spent three months in a hospital. I know your pain & disgust.I can say gluten-free will help that issue as well but of course its autoimmune so it againi like celiac will never go away. BUt glad you can control it . I guess that it, we take control over our issues & we win....put up a good fight.....
Give youeself a hug , you are doing well...

I believe this is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you!!! I like the idea of freezing cupcakes in advance. Also keeping gluten free snack bag in your car!!! I'm feeling more positive already

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