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Member Since 19 Feb 2011
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Topics I've Started

Too Much At Once!

19 March 2011 - 08:37 AM

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 3 weeks ago. I immediately changed my diet and put a lot of energy into researching the disease so I would feel better about it. I also found this network and I believe it has really helped me feel connected! My husband even has really encouraged and supported me with this! I was amazed at how well I was taking it.

However, I have been feeling WAY overwhelmed these last couple days. I found out within this last week I also have Vit D deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. Ok, no Big-E right? It's related to Celiac....

4 months ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis. I started taking a GREAT supplement that literally cleared it! However, I stopped taking my internal skin supplement 3 weeks ago as a precautionary measure because I thought it had gluten in it (it has organic grain alcohol in it). So my skin iss horrible. Luckily I restarted my supplement 2 days ago, after I read that there is no Gluten in grain alcohol. My skin is so yucky, I know I have to now wait until it will clear again.

My body is also still adjusting to my diet. Still gassy at night. My legs and toes still cramp a bit, but I know it takes time!

Un-related to Celiac: Yesterday I found out I have "Blepharitis" (eye condition), a bladder infection, and the early stages of carpel tunnel.

I am only 28. 6 months ago I was ok, and now I am realizing how many issues I have to manage. I want to cry!

On top of my feelings I am going to my good friends birthday today. I have not even told her about ANY of this, including my Celiac disease. This is my 1st birthday since all this happened. Surely I can't eat most of what will be served. No cake for me. I could call her, but it's HER birthday, I don't want to ask for any special treatment. I guess I will pack my own food.

I just want to scream?

A Cook Going Shopping For A New Book

21 February 2011 - 08:12 AM


I love to cook and now that I have been diagnosed with Celiac I need a new cookbook. I am shopping in the next day or so, but am curious what your recommendations are? I enjoy cooking pastas and stews. However, a variety of options is preferable. Thanks!

B12, Pre-Mature Grey, Celiac?

21 February 2011 - 07:38 AM

Hello. I was only recently diagnosed with Celiac. As I have been reading many articles here and online I am curious about the relationship between Celiac and grey hair. I have not been tested for vitamin deficiency levels yet, as I was literally just diagnosed. I am meeting with my doctor again in 2 weeks so we can see how I am doing with my new gluten-free diet.

I have had pre-mature grey hair since I was 12, I am 28 now. I have never been tested for vit B-12, and this may very well be hereditary as my father started to grey at around 25. I have read some articles about a link between grey hair and B12. Similarly I have read some on Ceilac and B12 issues. This may not be a mathematical equation "if a=b, and b=c then a=c," but I am curious if anyone can give me feedback about links btwn grey hair and Celiac.

I may be throwing in something off the wall, but am curious as well. I probably will request a B12 test in 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance.


20 February 2011 - 08:33 AM

Hello. I was only diagnosed with Celiac 4 days ago. Since then I have done a lot of research to better educate myself on the symptoms and treatment. I was married in July 2010. My husband is very supportive.

However, as we have read many wonderful articles that have shed light on this, we are both most frightened by reading that Celiac disease can cause infertility? I just am curious is this is true and what I can do if anything to treat this part? My husband and I want children, and are now really nervous. I am trying to remain calm and tell myself that just because I was diagnosed, it doesn't mean I wil have every symptom.

I have read many posts in here about women who are pregnant and have Celiac disease. I feel a bit of relief, but would love some more information on this topic. thanks everyone!

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