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Selfish/lazy To Stay In Bed?

21 June 2012 - 03:57 PM

current symptoms: intense fatigue, bleeding/sore gums, headache, blurred vision, stiff neck, muscle pains, emotional.

I've been sleeping or otherwise in bed on my laptop for three days now. I have no idea what "got" me but i think it was the gluten-free soup and bread at the little crumby cafe I risked eating at in Oxford. I didn't trust them with CC to save my life but was hungry and with company so took the risk since the ingredients themselves were all fine. . .

I want to cycle for 30 days straight in about eight days. (been planning for months.) haven't trained properly at all and this is cutting in to my preparation time. I also have to clean up this flat and get ready for the trip (if I don't postpone it, which I might)

... plus I have art I promised to make for people, writing to do, but my head hurts at an unable to think kind of level

every day I spend in bed without exercising or accomplishing anything makes me feel like a fattening lazy slob worthless human being and I'm lonely and want to shout and scream that gluten is poison and the world is dying.

luckily, no reflux, which was usually my major symptom?? in fact, nothing gastrointestinal at all except mild constipation and gas at first which is gone now. bit weird. but I know I'm not sick with a virus or something because no flu symptoms, no fever. congestion at levels it's been at for weeks.

seems like my autoimmune symptoms change every week (well every time i get sick it's different)

how do you ever know what's going on, what got you, how paranoid you have to be and when you can relax and when will i ever stop wanting to throw up when i think of food? when will i stop wanting to scream and kick donut stands over in the grocery store? throw bread down the aisles in rage? (actually did this once when they put gluten bread in the gluten free section, I threw it at the regular bread and stormed off)

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST. oh man I'm not going to have D for a week again like i did last time am i? that reaction was delayed by like 7 days it seemed. this reaction started after 1 day if my calculations are correct (imcac). guess i will know over the weekend

god this poetry is vile is it not

Slowest Reaction Times?

21 May 2012 - 08:02 AM

just wondering what the slowest possible reaction times to gluten are? I've heard 48 hrs, can it be slower? or say certain symptoms show up at first, then others several days or even a week later?

curious because I for sure got glutened on a Sunday by eating a gluten-free item that had been sitting on a piece of NOT gluten-free bread and handled by people eating wheat items (I was peer-pressured into eating it)

didn't notice symptoms right away. maybe mild symptoms like fatigue/headaches/muscle aches after the 24/48 hr mark. Then, on Sunday next, I got D and I still have it today (Monday)

but the D might could be caused by an overdose of bananas and nuts I ate over the past few days

just wondering if you can be "glutened" by something you ate a week ago...?

Tired Of Eating

01 April 2012 - 04:24 PM

I want to live in the future were they can make like a grey paste with all the necessary nutrients for the day and I can eat that and be done with it.

Trying to figure out easy meals that cover all my bases and i can choke down and get over with.

had rice, mackerel, and avocado for supper today. gets my protein, carbs, fat all there. often I will just eat a bowl of rice with hemp protein powder and olive oil. I also have a bad habit of eating peanut butter from a spoon. trying to get more green veg in by adding spinach and boiled eggs with olive oil and vinegar about once a week. when I have sugar cravings I try to go for fruit or at least fruit jam but sometimes I just go out and buy gluten-free processed sh*te.

I hate food, and I hate eating it. I like to go from hungry to full, however. I don't like being hungry, so I eat. but I get lazy sometimes and then don't eat. I'm anorexic like half the time. but i want to be strong and have energy. I really do.

any suggestions for meals that cover all the nutritional bases that cook as quick as rice does?

Need To Vent About My Symptoms

06 March 2012 - 05:10 AM

Sorry, I have to vent about something here.

I NEVER know when I've been glutened, or by what.

I just feel really great one week, then really crappy the next. My symptoms "sneak up" on me by being really light and ignorable at first, then being really intolerable, and they seem to be delayed and also last for weeks at a time. I've been gluten-free and soya-free with no cheating for over a year now, and going on six months dairy-free as well. I haven't pinpointed any other foods that are likely to be causing me trouble, despite going on a string of elimination-type diets when I first moved to Ireland.

all I know is for the past two weeks my reflux is back to pre-gluten free intensity, even though I'd kicked it completely to the kerb for several weeks if not a month before this. I am having a terrible headache for two weeks, and today I have muscle aches in all my major muscles. Very tired, low energy, not getting anything useful done, that kind of thing. Feel like bursting into tears at random intervals (but don't) and generally get very frustrated at everything.

I have NO IDEA if I was "glutened" or "casein'd" or what. I know when I've had soya because I become inexpliably and self-harmingly depressed over the course of several hours and then wake up fine the next morning. I've tracked this reaction down to specific foods and even soaps. However, I can NEVER figure out where the other symptoms originate from, only that they must be related to celiac because they come and go in that way.

I don't think I'm super-senstitive, but I often act like I am just in case. I was doing fine with labeled gluten-free things for the past few weeks (had genius bread every day when my reflux was gone), but I've cut those things out for the time being trying to recover. I only eat out at two or three restaurants that I trust (and were vetted by other celiacs). I have been lax about hand- and grocery-washing recently, so I'll step up the vigilance there I guess. Seems stupid to have to wash everything, even jars and packets, when you get home, but there is often flour on the conveyor belts at the grocery store.

I hate feeling this way. It makes me feel like a hypochondriac because my symptoms aren't so severe that I can legit take a break, just that I ahve to do my normal routine anyway while feeling crappy. I would actually prefer vomiting as a symptom. Easier to track when the gluten came in. But for someone prone to headaches, how do you track when the reallyreally bad headache started from the kinda bad headache? For someone with a generally low energy level, how do you see when low energy became NO energy? it's not obvious.

I only eat whole foods and packaged gluten-free foods that legally here have to be less than 20 ppm. well, that and skittles. but I'm trying to give those up too.

thanks if you've read this so far. I have a related question. I've seen people have delayed reactions of 48 hrs. Does anyone have delayed reactions of 3 or 4 days?

I Hate Everything

07 February 2012 - 04:47 PM

been gluten free one year. cried in the grocery store today for the first time. it was the second store that didn't have what i came for, gluten-free rice porridge (had a "temporarily out of stock" sign) even thought there was a whole isle of gluteny porridge that they never run out of

I'm sick with six days of fever and infection, my mouth is full of ulcers and i can't chew anything, i just wanted something soft to eat besides chicken stock which i have to make myself from scratch or mashed bananas

I just want to eat some effing ice cream. if i could eat that, i wouldn't be starving and losing weight so fast, but no i can't do dairy and even though boyfriend and i combed all the nearby stores, NOWHERE has any effing sorbet, it's like this country never heard of a milk allergy

i hate walking thru the ice cream isle and crying because i can't have anything but a box of popsicles that are only probably 10 calories each and won't help me keep from starving

the only sorbet i know where it is is in blanchardstown , usually i have to ride my bike 40 minutes or so to get there, it's a nice treat after exercise but i'm in no position to be travelling that far in my sickness

I bought peanut butter and jam but I don't have any appetite. i just made more chicken soup and i forgot to put in salt because I am stupid. my brain has been roasting for days and i'm gonna try to go to work tomorrow anyway because i'm tired of being cooped up at home like this and i can't stand calling in, i really can't, not when i've already called in three times... i have a doctor's note that says i don't need to come in until the 9th but i tho't that was wednesday so i already told them wednesday even tho the note says thursday and i don't want to call to correct myself

i stink like sweat and my apartment is a mess and i can't see because my head hurts so much

celiac is ruining what little appetite i actually do have that might could save me

thank you for letting me rant