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Member Since 27 Feb 2011
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Topics I've Started

Biopsy Negative...crying

16 March 2011 - 07:25 AM

So my biopsy and TTG tests came back negative and I feel hopeless and confused.
I was putting so much hope in a Celiac diagnosis...
I'm confused about gluten intolerance vs. Celiacs and I want so badly to be
done with this diagnostics phase!!! So my gliadin levels are high and I'm gluten
free going on three weeks and I am seeing some changes in my D and possibly
energy...the last 20 years have been a big hazy blur and I can't stand the thought
of not knowing what has been wrong. I just wanted a solid diagnosis. I want to be
able to explain to people that I love why I've been so out of it all these years
and now I'm scared that being gluten free might not make me feel alive again,
that I might be back to square one of having no idea what the hell is wrong
with my body. It sucks to hear from a physician that in general my labs look great. What good
are good looking labs when I feel like a zombie?? My joints hurt, my memory is insanely awful
and I cannot remember what a normal stool looks like. So frustrated and down :(
Any words of advice?


Negative Biopsies Vs. Positive Biopsies

12 March 2011 - 08:10 AM

Just curious, how many of you had negative biopsies and positive blood work?
Also, those of you with positive biopsies, was your physician able to tell just from
Looking during the endoscopy that your villi were flattened or did the biopsy via microscope confirm Celiacs?

Thanks so much!

Opposite Iron Issue!

06 March 2011 - 05:22 PM

I have low vitamin D, low. Calcium and HIGH iron. Has anyone else had this?
My doc has no idea what to make of this. I do not take any supplements with
Iron or cook with iron cookware. Very strange and a little disconcerting....especially
Since I've been anemic for most of my life! :blink:

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