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Member Since 28 Feb 2011
Offline Last Active Aug 15 2011 11:38 PM

#693006 Husband Going Gluten Free In Support Of My Celiac

Posted by on 18 April 2011 - 05:34 AM

This post gives me the weepy glees. What a GREAT HUBBY you have.


:) Yeah he is amazing!!!
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#689016 I Can't Do This

Posted by on 01 April 2011 - 09:09 PM

Hi Newbie,

sorry to hear about your frustrations and desire to live like this isn't happening to you. I have not read all the other replies, so it's quite likely this has been mentioned to you, but the health risks in not cutting out gluten are intense and unnecessary.

Besides some of the smaller aches and pains that will come from a compromised immune system, there are some biggies like: gastrointestinal lymphoma (cancer). It's at least 40 times more common in untreated celiacs than in the general population. Research shows that the mortality rate for celiacs who continue to eaten gluten is twice that of the general population.
I urge you to reconsider whether you want to sit with osteoporosis, dementia, anemia, headaches, miscarriage and canker sores to mention just a few for the rest of your life.

Yes the diet is hard to grasp and be excited about in the beginning. Trust me, I've had my share of ups and downs these last 6 weeks about it, honestly they've been more downs. But I want to give my husband a healthy wife, I want to be able to raise healthy children one day and I don't want to have some of the conditions I currently have.

You are going to need to sacrifice, to change your life and to educate those around you, but it will be worth it! Don't let this overwhelm you to the point where you choose to live oblivious of it.

You can do this, and you can do it well!
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#688644 Husband Going Gluten Free In Support Of My Celiac

Posted by on 31 March 2011 - 09:27 PM

Good news is that gluten isn't a required nutrient in our diet, so there's no issues there.

The gluten withdrawal typically doesn't effect anyone who doesn't actually have some gluten issue to begin with, so that's good there, too.

If your husband eats a lot of cereal and grain products in his diet, though? He may want to either be aware of his vitamin intake in his foods, or to take a multi-vitamin. Unlike gluten bread and cereal, gluten free bread and cereal isn't vitamin fortified.

One semi-health risk, however, is only one if he has food issues that he is currently not aware of.

As a personal example, I was SO sick going gluten free it was unbelievable. One reason was that I'm allergic to sugar cane (didn't know this before). In a lot of the gluten free foods (like cookies and cereal) they use evaporated sugar cane juice, which isn't processed as much as plain sugar. It had more of my allergen as a result and was making me really sick because of that.

One of my daughter's friends got sick every time she had a sleep over at our house, and her family finally discovered she reacts to xanthan gum - which she would only get at our house with our gluten-free food.

So if your husband has a food issue with some of the foods that are more common in gluten free foods, he might feel crummier. But...then he'll know there's an issue and could go track it down, yes?

Some common ingredients that are in elevated levels in processed gluten free foods:
gums, especially xanthan gum or guar gum
sugar cane

There might be others, depending on his usual diet. But again, for a healthy human being, there shouldn't be a risk. :-)

That's super helpful! Thanks Shauna.
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#684843 My Birthday...

Posted by on 18 March 2011 - 11:11 PM

Oh dear, I wrote a terribly long reply and then managed to errase it all by refreshing the browsers page. :( Silly!

I don't have time to write it all again, as I've got to leave in 5min, so the gist of my letter was, that I'm so sorry you feel like this on your birthday. I had the same experience last year. I was terribly sick with what we thought was just low iron symptoms at the time. But I'd gone and cooked the night before, ordered tables and chairs, bought everything I needed for my dinner party, and two hours before guests were to arrived just being a puddle on the floor and sobbed from the pain and utter exhaustion. My husband phoned all our friends and cancelled. I was terribly embarresed and upset to be missing out on fun and presents. ;)

But, just like for you, there will be many more birthdays for us! And far happier ones, so we have lots to look forward to. Don't let your aches and pains cloud things too much. Maybe ask your husband if the two of you can have a date night sometime soon this following week. Plan something easy but that will satisfy all your 'needs' for love, attention, affection, peace, food cravings etc. It might take some planning, but it'll be something to look forward to.

If I lived closer, I'd totally organize a bunch of flowers, a great gluten free meal for you, a team to come clean your house and woman who'll sit you down and give you manicure and a pedicure. :) How lovely would that be. Sigh.... :) But since I live all the way in Cape Town, please accept my sincerest blessings and warmest prayers for a brighter year ahead for you.
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#684004 Sad

Posted by on 16 March 2011 - 05:59 AM

I've never struggled to control my emotions, love people, love being busy and am generally easy going.

But since being gluten free 3 weeks now, I've just been sad. I've had 3 or 4 public tears, well meltdowns actually. :) Just feeling like I can't anymore, emotionally.
My symptoms have subsided since being gluten free, which makes my body happier, but my emotions are really struggling.

I can't think of anything else that it can be, other than maybe tiredness, cause I'm not sleeping that well. Is that normal, to be so emotionally unstable after starting a gluten free diet?
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#682385 Need To Hear A Success Story!

Posted by on 11 March 2011 - 01:38 AM

I wanted to shout for joy this morning while cooking eggs for my husband and a young boy who is staying with us while he gets back on his feet.

I kept exclaiming outloud how great I felt! It has been weeks since I've had enough energy to do anything other than chuck some yoghurt and muesli into a bowl at 6am. This morning, I picked rocket in the garden, caramalized some tomatoes, scrambled some eggs and chucked some sprouts over it all with a wonderful sense of lightness and health!

Seems like a silly thing to be excited about, but I'm super grateful to not be suffering from jointpain, tiredness and dissiness anymore!!

Gluten free is proving its worth more and more! Specially cause I've lost just under 2kg's in the last 2 weeks. :) :)
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#681018 Question About Vitamin Deficiencies

Posted by on 06 March 2011 - 11:57 PM

Hi Teri,

I don't know how long it'll take before you start absorbing it, but I do hope for your sake it won't take too long.

Bananas are high in sugar, as mentioned earlier. Why don't you try some of the following:

Foods, which are rich sources of potassium include turnips, whole grains, molasses, fish, citrus fruit, apple cider vinegar, avocados, yoghurt, tomatoes, poultry, oranges, apricots, potatoes (especially their skins), leafy green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce; and meat. One large orange will supply one with 250 mg of potassium, one-eighth of a personís daily need. Dried apricots contain more potassium than fresh apricots.

Steaming of foods helps to retain nutrients that are lost through other cooking techniques such as boiling (loss of about 50% of potassium content). Steaming results in only a 6% loss of potassium.

What you can also do, is to reduce your salt intake. And up the amount of fresh veggies you eat! Organic fruit & veg is obviously always better if you can afford it.

Are you exercising a lot? While exercise will benefit you, don't put to much strain on your muscles in this time. Potassium is sweated out and is used to maintain good muscle form as well. So take it easy for a while, and just do light walking!

All the best!
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#681016 Need To Hear A Success Story!

Posted by on 06 March 2011 - 11:39 PM

Sorry that you are feeling overwhelmed!

I have only been gluten free for 2 weeks now. My first three days were horrible, I had incredible pain and have not slept well. We also lead a very busy social life, and I've felt silly having to ask people what they are cooking, so that I can take my own food along if necessary.

But besides all that, I've lost some weight, I feel lighter than I've ever felt, my IBS is almost non-existent and I have more energy on little sleep while being gluten free, than I did with 8 hours sleep and eating gluten. :)

I hope you have people around you to support you and encourage you! That will help a lot. My wonderful husband will often eat the same as me, when I have to pack in my own food to eat at socials and he even threw away all the biscuits and wheat items we had in the house. :) He reminds me often that its a process to get better, but that it's completely worth it!

I hope you start feeling the benefits soon! That you start to enjoy the food you may eat and get excited about eating wonderful veggies, salads, fish and other lovely food.

All the best!
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#680213 I Have A Gluten Free Bun In My Oven !

Posted by on 04 March 2011 - 02:32 AM

Aaah Rachel,

so sorry that you are having to go through this! Trusting for God's comfort and grace!

Lots of love and hugs and sincerest prayers for God's beauty and glory to shine through in a time that is painful.
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