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Member Since 02 Mar 2011
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Topics I've Started

Help For A Family Of New Intolerances

11 November 2013 - 07:19 AM

One of the guys I work with just had his 10yr old daughter tested and it turns out she is intolerant to just about everything.  Now I don't always think that the bloodtests for sensitivities are 100% accurate, but he was told they need to cut out gluten, eggs, dairy, peanuts (and other tree nuts), and most likely soy.  This leaves them with very little IMO to eat.  I'm gluten free and semi-dairy free so I'm only a little bit of help to him.  I gave him this web address as a starting off point, but right now, their heads are swimming.  He has 3 other kids and they are trying to decide if they whole family should follow some of the guidelines or just the daughter.  They are seeing a dietician soon, but thought maybe I could get some other great resources from this group - this is always my first stop for questions since you all are so super helpful all the time.  I'm really just looking for ideas on what a 10yr old can eat with all this.


Sidenote - he didn't say whether or not the Dr. did a celiac panel.  I told him about it (had never heard of celiac disease before) and asked that he call the Dr prior to pulling gluten out of her diet.  The sheer number of intolerances suggests to me that there is something else going on.

Almost Thanksgiving! Best Bread For Stuffing

29 October 2013 - 06:51 AM

I know it's a little early, but this year I need to do a test run before the big day.  Last year was my first attempt at gluten-free stuffing - I used Udi's I think.  The flavor was good, but the consistency was mush.  I didn't pre-toast the cubes because we never did this with regular bread before.  But I'm thinking that I may have to do that step this year.  What brand have you had the best results with?  I make a very basic bread stuffing (no meat) - just butter, onion, herbs/spices - mom's recipe calls for celery, but I hate it, so since I'm making it for just me, I get to omit it! :-)

Constant D And Desperate

06 June 2013 - 09:46 AM

I have been gluten-free for over 2 years - I rarely eat out and keep a completely gluten-free house.  I haven't changed my diet or my personal products at all.  But over the past two weeks, anything I eat goes straight through me.  I'm getting concerned (as well as extremely annoyed) and it's completely taken the joy out of eating anything at all.  I cut out dairy two days ago thinking maybe that was it, but nope...still having problems.  My candida symptoms have flared up a bit lately (found more than one good occasion for a glass of wine), so it's possible that that has something to do with it...but I wanted to check with all of you since I always get the best advice from here.  I just don't know what to cut - I am already soy free, mostly dairy free now, and gluten-free.  Supplements haven't changed either.  Diet consists of chicken, pork, very occasional red meat, fish, and veggies (broccoli, snow peas, spinach, green beans, garlic).  Today for lunch had homemade chicken salad w/ a few bean chips n' salsa (all things that I've eaten before with zero problems).  I'm at a loss and it's making me crazy - haven't noticed any significant weight drop yet, but I know that's the next thing to happen if this keeps up (and I do NOT have the weight to drop) - it's effecting my energy levels at the gym as well as my recovery time which is beyond frustrating.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  SIBO, other intolerance, parasite...????? 

Gluten Free Dating - Turning Negative Into Positive

25 April 2013 - 12:21 PM

I've seen a couple of posts in the past from newbies being concerned about dating and the gluten-free lifestyle.  I've been doing a lot of dating lately (online dating is both a good AND bad thing), but what I've found is that talking about living a gluten-free lifestyle is a great way to gauge supportiveness.  Example, some first dates I've had will suggest a restaurant and I'll politely tell them that I would rather meet at X or Y bc I can safely eat there due to my gluten intolerance.  Some are happy to oblige while other's sound put off by it.  I had one do research and HE introduced me to a new restaurant that I didn't even know about!  Most recently I had two first dates in the same week (pressure...don't mix them up!!) :-)  The one when he found out was full of questions and was eager to learn.  Said he'd read that so many people have been able to rid themselves of so many symptoms bc of going gluten-free and was interested in my story.  The other, acted like I was terminal.  He couldn't BELIEVE I could live this way...I mean it just SUCKS SO BAD!!!  Hahaha - one guess which guy got the second date ;-)


All I'm saying, is that yes, dating when gluten-free can be a pain bc it does mean we have to speak up and give the guy some suggestions on good places to go.  But it can also show you who is interested in getting to know you and to be cognizant of your issue versus those that simply can't fathom a life without their favorites.


Happy Dating everyone! :-)

Feeling Cold All The Time

04 March 2013 - 07:39 AM

Ok, so I'm aware it's still winter, but I'm cold ALL the time!  I do workout a lot and I know I burn a lot of calories, but this is ridiculous.  Last night I had the heat turned up, was wearing layers, had the heating pad on (along with warm kitty in the lap), and drinking hot tea.  I still felt chilly.  I've been trying to eat more lately since my energy has been down and its been effecting my workouts - but I stay mostly paleo (grains and I don't get along) and I'm having a hard time finding things to eat throughout the day.  My hair is super dry all of a sudden and my face is breaking out.  I scheduled a Dr. appt for tomorrow have my thyroid checked along with my vitamin levels - hoping that might give me some answers. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this?

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