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Member Since 02 Mar 2011
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Elisa Test Experiences?

03 March 2011 - 05:05 PM

I'm seeing an allergist next week, and am planning to request an ELISA allergy test. My question is, do you need to have all of the foods that you expect to react to in your system? I've been eating gluten again, but still avoiding dairy. Should I put dairy back in until the test?

I hope this isn't a totally unnecessary question, but I don't know how long before the test I'd need to reintroduce the food... it seems like it might work differently from the celiac panel that requires heavy, heavy amounts of gluten.

Thank you for your help! :)


How Much Gluten Should I Be Eating Before Testing?

02 March 2011 - 01:02 PM

Hello! After years of stomach problems, I decided to try and solve them by changing my diet. I lessened my gluten intake for a while, avoiding those foods because I felt lousy after eating them. About three or four weeks ago, I decided to go gluten-free (more or less... I didn't use exclusively certified gluten-free products, so I must have gotten some). I felt a lot better, but the problems weren't completely solved. Another super neat thing that happened was I felt significantly less depressed than I have in a long time... years, even! Now I'm finally seeking testing for gluten intolerance (so that I can prove to my college that the food they provide is damaging). I started eating gluteny products about four days ago, and feel a little bit worse but it's not awful yet.

My question is, to have an increased chance of an accurate blood test result (which I understand is sort of unlikely anyway), how much gluten do I need to be eating? I've been eating about one serving a day of wheat crackers. Which is not much. How much gluten should I be eating, and is it likely that I need to continue eating it for 3 months? My diet has been low on gluten (but not devoid of it) for a few months.

Another question I suppose... If I were gluten intolerant in some way, should I expect to feel dramatically worse after reintroducing gluten? Because I don't, at least not most of the time. It's just a slightly lousier feeling. Less energy, more gas, more discomfort, you know... all the fun things!! Sometimes I think that going gluten-free was just a placebo for me... I expected to get better, and so I did. And now that it's back, I expected to feel a little worse, and I do. I know you all know how it is, sick of guessing and waiting and feeling lousy, and just wanting a solid answer... that's where I'm at.

Thank you all so much for your help, reading all of these posts from people who are just as confused as I am is incredibly helpful for keeping hope alive :)


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