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In Topic: Today Is A Good Day And Tomorrow Will Be Better!

28 April 2011 - 09:13 AM

What a great post. Thank you for sharing that story with all of us. We have all been there before (no energy, embarrassment, the mood swings, hair/skin issues, shedding of lean body mass). Luckily we figured out that gluten was our enemy.

Guess what? The days are going to get EVEN better with time. Your treadmill runs will get easier and longer. If you're lifting weights, you'll be able to lift more and do more reps. I know this sounds crazy, but the food tastes even better now that it did before my diagnosis. And, my family has owned prime steak restaurants for 25+ years. DAMN I am proud to be a celiac and a carnivore. And I just can't get enough fresh produce.

Here's the bad news. You're going to have to spend some money on new cloths that fit you (LOL).

Welcome to a whole new world.

Thanks for sharing my joy! I was back in the gym again this morning and it felt great! The really good news is that I didn't got rid of any of my jeans that used to fit me! I guess I was never really willing to except the fact that I was going to be sick and overweight for the rest of my life. Unfortunately many people just believe what the doctors says and except it. I am not saying that there are some brilliant doctors out there, but if I would have just listen to all the diagnoses and not researched on my own I would still be sick. I am very grateful for all I have learned about Celiacs and many of the the other conditions associated with it. Now I can share my knowledge with others who need help dealing with this!

Thanks again for responding to my post and making me feel even better than I already did! :D

In Topic: Overwhelmed By Health Problems

28 April 2011 - 08:54 AM

Sounds like my health problems. I'll get all the symptoms for a problem and then have a test and it will turn out negative which is VERY frustrating. Meanwhile, my health just kept going down hill. It was only when I began this completely grain-free diet that things began turning around. I am now following the Gluten Free Society's advice -- stay away from all grains because 45% of Celiacs cannot tolerate corn, etc. Also, there were two studies that found that corn caused just as much damage to the intestines of Celiacs as did wheat. Anyway, I feel much better being grain-free. :)

I completely agree with you. I have decided to go grain free as of late and it has changed how I feel so much. It is amazing that all of the pain in my body is gone is now gone! It will be interesting to have some labs done after a few months on this diet.

That's great info about the corn I didn't know that, but I had stopped eating corn too. I thought about eventually added a little quinoa because of all the nutrients and the protein content. The research said it commonly considered a grain, quinoa but a relative of leafy green vegetables like spinach and swiss chard. Have you tired this or did you cut it out too? Besides veggies, fruits, nuts, poultry and fish I am pretty limited which doesn't bother me much and has made me become more creative in the kitchen!

In Topic: Overwhelmed By Health Problems

27 April 2011 - 10:27 AM

That's amazing! That makes SO much sense, thank you! I didn't know the kidneys would get overwhelmed at all, I love learning things! I have an organic granny smith apple a few times a week but I think i'll stick with the tea, it's not too bad! and I live in the valley in texas (it's well over 90 out these days) so working up a sweat isn't a problem :) but i worry about getting dehydrated fast sense i don't seem to be retaining water too well with this amount of "flushing" i'm doing to clear this out. I've been doing the Colonix cleanse for a little over a month so that has probably upped the detox going on (but not from my kidneys!) I'm about to have my second glass of parsley tea, it doesn't taste bad at all! And my pee is already less yellow which i think is a good sign? THANK YOU ALL!

Sound like you are feeling better which is great! If you are a big tea drinker then yogi makes some good ones that are great for detoxing the kidney/liver and one of them contains parsley in addition to lots of other herbs http://www.yogiprodu...s/peach-detox/. I love these teas. It is not labeled gluten free but you can double check all the ingredients, and I personally never had a problem with it. When candida dies it releases all kinds of nasty toxins into the body so getting the toxins out is just as important as killing it. Carbohydrates tend to make people hold and retain water so if your on a very low carb diet to kill the candida that may be why your not retaining much fluid. Just keep drinking as much as possible especially if your going to be out in that hot Texas sun! Hope everyday how you feel improves : )

In Topic: Overwhelmed By Health Problems

26 April 2011 - 02:38 PM

I agree with martikai that parsley is a great one. It helps detoxify the kidneys so if you are dealing with a lot of die off from the candida your kidneys may be getting overloaded with toxins, and not flushing them out quick enough. Also if you have the energy to exercise or can find a way to work up a sweat that may help your body get fight the infection. Can you have any fruit yet on your candida diet? I put fresh parsley in my green smoothie. It is mostly greens but normally 1 serving of lower glycemic index fruit added to it so it's not to bitter and it tastes great! Hope you start feeling better soon UTI's and candida are no fun.

In Topic: What Is Going On? Can You Help?

26 April 2011 - 02:14 PM

yes I have had my thyroid checked, it is borderline high and fluctuates last they checked. Not enough that they wanted to do anything though. Also had laproscopy to check girl parts with no significant problems.

Are you experiencing any other symptoms besides the weird periods, weight gain, and fatigue? When they tested your thyroid did they also check for thyroid antibodies? My thyroid fluctuates too and my period are often irregular but I have Hashimotos and PCOS which can make me feel very fatigued at times. How is your appetite and are you sleeping ok?

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