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In Topic: Hairloss After gluten-free And Iron Supplementation?

08 December 2012 - 07:10 AM

I have some of your same symptoms...night sweats, hair loss, low Vit D, low iron. I also sweat easily just walking around the rooms I'm in at work or home and I have some aches and pains that come and go, in my back, neck, knees, ankles shoulders. I went to a Natropath and had an blood test done - found out I had a lot of other food intolerances besides dairy and gluten. She also wanted some additional blood tests done and those showed some odd thyroid numbers in addition to a couple of other too high interesting things.

I started googling everything on my blood test that was abnormal and starting reading and reading, putting it down for a while and reading again. After I felt let down by my regular general practice doctor, I got lucky and found the doctor I am now going to. He lists his specialities as endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism. I think after many doctors I may have found a good one. On my last blood test, at the bottom, it said more tests are needed but pseudo-cushing's is suspected. i've read that Cushing's Syndrome is also another disease that Celiacs can get. I've been changing my diet hoping the next test will show some good change. (it's in two weeks.)

I'm at the point where right now (well I've felt this for a while), if I don't start eating only organic, raw, vegan, fruits, seeds, nuts, mostly leafy greens in a (e-bay cheap) Vitamix blender, in addition to cultured or sometimes eating lightly steamed or baked, veggies, with no-sugar, no-grains, and some additional supplements like sublingual B12... if I don't change my eating, I will in essence, be torturing myself into a shorter lifespan.

Luckily I know a woman who cured her ovarian cancer by eating raw healthy fruits, veggies, plus supplements. I also saw a movie called "May I be Frank" about a guy who was cured of his hepatitis (don't know which kind) by eating raw fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts. She has a web site where she lists the 100 things she did to get healthy. I totally applaud her for changing her diet so drastically in 2 weeks, and keeping herself healthy. Glad she lives near me and I met her, and took some classes on culturing and dehydrated food. She has a website with lots of links, she makes nothing off any of her advice, Jane Van Benthusen.

Good luck on your quest to get better and feel healthy...I'm right there with you.

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