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In Topic: Sometimes This Really Sucks.....

14 March 2015 - 10:42 PM

I think it would be totally doable. They rely far less on processed foods over there- having fresh whole foods at meals would allow for a lot of options. Her hosts could just be advised of her needs and maybe allow her a spot specifically for her food prep.

In Topic: Halitosis And Body Odor...feeling Embarrassed...please Help!

14 March 2015 - 10:39 PM

The hiatal hernia may very likely be responsible for your bad breath- basically it is letting all of those nasty gut chemicals be expelled through your mouth. Yummy. Depending on when and what you have eaten may affect why your doctor said it was not halitosis. Anyway, a few recommendations...


#1 fix the hernia...easy peasy, you can find diagrams online, or ask your chiropractor to do it. Think the heimlich maneuver, but with steady, even, upward and inward force for several minutes. I was astounded that I had been walking around with this visible bulge that looked like a ball of protruding fat for two years, when all it took was two minutes of pushing on it to go away!


#2 Get a high quality probiotic. Important for celiacs anyway, but very helpful for maintaining healthy gut flora, which will do their job to break down your food rather than let it rot and stink.


#3 If you aren't a flosser, start. That tiny little bit of gunk trapped between teeth can REEK


#4 Are you on any meds that cause dry mouth? Switching meds or using biotene paste and wash and chewing gum like mad will help.


#5 Therabreath, as someone else mentioned


#6 As far as body odor...I have read alot of speculation that it can be a result of food intolerances and/ or excess sugar consumption. I don't know if it is true, but if you continue to have trouble nailing down the source, it is worth looking into. I had halitosis my whole life...right up until my celiac dx...gluten free meant halitosis free for me!

In Topic: Endoscopy Biopsy Results Were "could Reflect Mild Celiac Sprue"?

10 January 2015 - 11:35 PM

Oh SMH the idiocy of doctors never ceases to amaze me. With a first degree relative with celiac, your chances are 1 in 12. Throw in your symptoms, a questionable biopsy and a positive ANA and you might as well be waving a red flag at them. Sigh. Hope by now you have gotten some answers. I am so very sorry about losing your baby. How awful. Stories like yours are all the more heartbreaking when you know it maybe didn't have to be that way if more doctors were on the lookout for celiac. In my opinion, EVERYBODY should be screened. So very angry for you!

In Topic: Feel Like There Is No Answer

10 January 2015 - 11:23 PM

Have you found anything more out? I see your post is a couple months old. If not, was just going to ask if they did an EMA test at all? A positive EMA would definitely mean celiac. My only idea for the increase in ttg is that the disease is continuing to progress because he is getting cross contaminated by gluten. If you have gluten in the house, it is really easy to do. He could also be developing increased sensitivity- meaning his immune system is reacting to levels of gluten considered " safe" for most celiacs (most packaged gluten-free food falls into this category. Has to be 20 ppm or less to get a gluten-free label, but some celiacs cant handle 20ppm) Lastly...does he eat oats and dairy? Many celiacs will have an immune response to them due to the proteins being similar to gluten. If you have cut out gluten but he is loading up with the other two, that could be your problem. I hope you get some answers!

In Topic: Should I Push For An Endoscopy

10 January 2015 - 11:14 PM

Also, constipation is a hallmark of celiac. My 11 year old was on laxatives from 2 months until he was five...because he was undiagnosed and I didn't know any better to ask about celiac. He was BREASTFED and constipated..that just doesn't happen unless something is really off. They just didn't bother to find out what it was. Gave him acid reflux pills for the spitting up and laxatives to poop
treated the symptoms because they were too lazy to look for the cause. Makes me madder than words can say because he suffers permanent issues because of being undiagnosed for 6 years.

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