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In Topic: 4 Years Gluten Free

07 April 2011 - 11:24 PM

Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, the "doesn't say "gluten" in the ingredients" is a keeper, although I have sent hubby to the store for plain chips ("make sure they are gluten free!") and he comes back empty handed because the chips with potato, sunflower oil and salt didn't say "GLUTEN FREE" on the package. So it works both ways LOL

@Jessica Going gluten-free was relatively easy for me, the "jealousy" phase mercifully short. Restricting corn was harder, but doable, but soy is really where I have my problems. It often makes me mad, and sometimes I will eat things that aren't written as containing gluten, corn or soy, but just say "Aroma" or something, knowing full well it's probably not good for me. Last month I was cleaning my son's room and I found all his Christmas chocolate (I'm Canadian, but my husband is German and my son has inherited European eating genes lol). I was really craving some chocolate but had held myself back due to soy lecithin. When I found this stash I HAD to have some. I ate a whole little Santa (like 200g ugh). I was laid up for 3 days due to it...if nothing else it cured me of my "soy lecithin CAN'T hurt you!) And no, the chocolate had a best-by date of August, so it was still perfectly fine lol

Jessica, the compulsive eating is so much more under control when you are absolutely and at all times gluten free. I find getting glutened can throw me back into weeks if not a month of disordered eating. I have been b/p like crazy this week and it has made me cry. I don't know if you get the feeling that anything you put in your mouth makes you feel awful anyways, so might as well eat it all and then get rid of it, but that feeling has ruled my life this past week. And I thought I was long over that (been in recovery for 10 years, and the last 6 doing fairly well).

You might want to watch your intake over the next few weeks if there aren't other food intolerances. I think at just after 2 years I realized that other things were bothering me, as well. Cutting corn really helped me (but YMMV). If I could just totally eliminate soy and CC, I would be set lol

Good luck!

In Topic: Rice Sensitivity

07 April 2011 - 02:17 AM

I have issues with rice, too. With a full plate of rice (like stirfry with rice, etc) only takes about 30 minutes, and then I am bloated and retaining water for a good 3 days. I have the feeling that I tolerate it still in small quanitites, like in grape leaf rolls filled with rice (if I don't eat too many of them). But even the little bits are starting to bother me, so that I do try to avoid it lately. Which means no more baking at the moment, since I can't eat corn or soy either. Plain potato flour / starch does not a good baked good make! :)

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