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Member Since 11 Apr 2011
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In Topic: First Menstrual Period gluten-free, Feeling Aweful!

29 July 2011 - 01:42 PM

If it's any consolation my periods are way better since I went gluten free. They are less painful, shorter and best of all I have so much less PMS beforehand - it used to be awful and last up to two weeks before my period started. I used to feel like my hormones ruled my life - in a very negative way! They are not very regular now, but that could be because of the stress of imminent emigration... ;)

I agree with the idea that cycles have a run in time of a couple of months - it may take a while to see positive changes, but yes, absolutely gluten issues affect hormones in the body - how about the effect on thyroid levels for an example?

Gluten/wheat derivatives turn up in the weirdest places. It really wouldn't surprise me if it was in sanitary products too.

In Topic: Could 6 Or 7 Yr Old Have It With Not Lots Of Symptoms?

29 July 2011 - 07:04 AM

Nobody ever got sick from gluten deficiency. :) Try the diet and see if it helps! Wait until after the tests though, since they are so soon anyway and going gluten-free now would mess them up according to the medics. A gluten-free diet is worth trying anyway though, even if you don't get a diagnosis - see all the other posts on these forums about that issue!

One of my kids is tall, very strongly built, the other petite and slim - not sure there's any correlation there. The eldest did break both bones in her forearm really badly jumping off a kitchen chair and landing on the concrete floor though (pre diagnosis). One bone snapped, the other shattered and bent like a banana. The surgeon had never seen anything like it. Looking back, I don't think it was coincidence. Both kids have terrible teeth. So does their dad and his (untested gluten-free sceptic) sister and mother. Hope that helps!

Good luck!

In Topic: Frequent "glutenings"

29 July 2011 - 06:47 AM

Could also be a twisted kind of denial - some people are soo determined to "prove" that celiac is all in your head they will try and prove it to you by "testing" you - secretly or openly - by glutening you on purpose. If she is having to face the possibility that actually, she might need gluten free food too, but doesn't want to accept it, that can only make matters worse.

We got round any such issues by going gluten free as a family, it doesn't have to be expensive although it can be limiting at times. Actually, we all felt much better for it. If your sister is that anti-gluten-free, she might then move out and solve your problems!

In Topic: Brain Power Getting Lower And Lower...

29 July 2011 - 06:34 AM

Poor thing! That's horrible. :( Have you had your thyroid activity checked lately? How certain can you be about cc - some people are incredibly sensitive to even tiny amounts of gluten, maybe you are one of them? (Sharing a teflon coated pan with a non gluten-free cook could be enough).

I tend to agree with the others - time to get checked up by a doctor, if only to rule out all the possibilities you are probably worrying about. Hope you get better soon.

In Topic: Brain Fog

02 July 2011 - 11:51 AM

No worries! :) I am so used to people thinking I am a nutter for believing my daughter's neurological symptoms are coeliac related I am probably just horribly over-sensitive! It did occur to me that I should have offered some sort of evidence for my statement - it does sound far out! This is a good summary:


You know what they say - the British and the Americans are "two peoples divided by a common language"! ;) Oh help!

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