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Member Since 16 Apr 2011
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Topics I've Started

Trying To Understand Blood Test Results

20 June 2011 - 06:46 AM

Hi everyone,

I started posting on here a couple of months ago. As far as I know I am not a celiac but I am intolerant to gluten. The way I discovered this was last October when I was going through extreme stress, I had a bout of what I thought was gastro (my daughter had, had a very bad bout) with terrible abdominal bowel pains, constipation and bloating. A friend suggested going gluten free so I tried it and it worked immediately to change my bowel symptoms.

Between then and now I've had so many symptoms and strange things happening to my body that I won't list them (I listed them in a previous thread). After getting no help from my Doctor, apart from her being willing to test for iron (and found it was low) I decided to find a better Doctor. This was at least 6 months after what I thought was being gluten free (the same Dr told me to continue to eat small amounts of gluten as I may be able to return to eating it one day, so I did, I had gravies or some stuffing and sauces without realising so I've only been truely gluten free for maybe 2-3 months).

My new Dr is a nutrition specialist, she thinks that I am not a celiac but am intolerant. Anyway, she did a lot of blood tests and I am now trying to work out what they mean. From the blood tests she told me that I:

Am low in Vit D
Am deficient in B12
May have hypothyroidism
Need to increase my insulin
My iron levels have increased to 94 in three months (after they were 26)

She will be getting further thyroid results, doing a urine test for something to do with either thyroid or insulin and doing a hair sample test. She has put me on a special magnesium compound and vit D compound.

Before I ask for specific understanding of some of the results I should say that my biggest worry is the symptom of a strange sensation I get mostly on my face and sometimes also on my left knee, elbow, shin and foot. Its sort of like when you are almost over the anesthetic from the dentist and sometimes like a menthol hot/cold sensation. Not so much tingling or numbness although I have also had those.

So, these are the main results I need help understanding:

Thyroid Function - TSH is 3.10
Vitamin D - Hydroxycalciferol - 81 nmol/L (50-150)
Insulin resistance - Glucose/Insulin Ratio - 10.6
Vitamin B12 - 284

I have read a lot about the connection between gluten intolerance, low vit D, B12, iron and even the connection with Hypothyroidism. Can anyone shed any light or tell me whether they think these results would explain the sensations in my face etc... My Dr said to me that she is fairly sure that all my symptoms can be explained through deficiencies and nothing is causing a red flag for her. I have to admit, I am still slightly convinced that I have MS but on the other hand, its probably not. No Dr has suggested this, only my silly brain.

Reassurance is needed.

Do You Think I Got 'glutened'?

15 May 2011 - 03:26 AM

I have my suspicions that the meal I had at the food court yesterday had gluten in it. It was a butter chicken 'curry' with white rice. I'd bought curry at a food court before but afterwards realised it was a different chain store (the other one had 'gluten free' signs up).

It didn't immediately effect me although I was already fatigued and I got a little bit shaky. Then, from midnight onwards last night I got the internal shakes really bad, I also got night sweats and it would come in rolling heat waves. I also felt extremely dehydrated, my lips were so dry and just would not stay moist for long at all. I got to sleep around 2.30am. This morning I felt tired but still shaky, felt a tiny bit better after eating. This afternoon I'm wiped, probably from lack of sleep but I'm still shaking and when I lie down I have the internal shakes the worst still. I've had some muscle twitches too the whole time. I also feel a bit bloated tonight.

So, does this sound like a glutening?

Doctors Giving Conflicting Info To Here

10 May 2011 - 07:02 AM

I have another longer thread over in the behaviour part of the forum but wanted to write a bit of an update and it falls more into this category.

Basically I went gluten free after stress induced IBS around 7 months ago. I had been gluten free for three weeks when I next saw my Dr and she suggested a celiacs test. I told her I was already gluten free but not knowing anything about it at the time I didn't blink when she did the test anyway.

She told me to stay gluten free for a month or so and then try eating a little bit and see if it still effects me. I did that and it made me feel horrible. I also wasn't aware of just how hidden gluten is in food so really I haven't been totally exclusively gluten free at all until I joined here about a month ago.

After reading a lot of threads here I found that I have several of the other common symptoms of celiacs such as neuropathy, depression (mild) and very bad breast tenderness. My Dr changed my pill about six weeks ago for the hormone changes but I still have some discomfort.

I was so worried about my breasts that I went to a different Dr on Saturday (mine wasn't open that day) and had a breast exam. I asked him if 1) I should have my celiacs test redone properly and 2) whether gluten can cause breast tenderness. He said yes I should have it done again and a definite NO to the breast tenderness.

I had a pre booked app with my regular Dr for Monday so I went along and we checked over a few things. I mentioned re-doing the celiacs test and as I have low iron she said that (at my suggestion) if my iron hasn't risen in six weeks time it may indicate malabsorption and will re-do the test and do the biopsy too. I asked her if gluten can effect hormones and she said basically NO not directly at all and that there is no research to suggest so.

So, where does this leave me? I'm starting to have my old thoughts of having MS or something really horrible as my Drs give conflicting info. Is it that Drs have no real understanding about gluten and its effects, both on and off it? Can I have neuropathy and breast tenderness with just gluten intolerance?

I also asked my chiro about gluten and neuropathy as she has suggested it could be related to my neck and pinched nerves etc.. (which my Dr disagrees with), she went away and read up the reasearch and said that NO if I only have a gluten intolerance then I don't have this autoimmune disease and therefore the neuropathy is not related to gluten.


No straight answers. I suppose I have to wait to do the celiacs. In some ways I'm hoping I DO have it just so it gives me some answers, although even then, I'm sure my Dr will say that celiacs does not cause neuropathy, breast tenderness and depression.

By the way, my psych, even though he hasn't seen any gluten research said that he wouldn't be surprised if gluten effected us in a depressive way as many foods do. At least one of them agrees!

Hello From Australia

17 April 2011 - 04:22 AM

Just saw this part of the forum so thought I'd drop in and wave my hand at any other Aussies who might be on here. I'm in Perth and I'm gluten intolerant. I've written a longer post about my situation in the gluten intolerance and behaviour thread.

My First Time Here - Gluten Intolerance And Low Iron

16 April 2011 - 05:40 AM

Hello all,

This is my first time posting, I wasn't sure where to post as I am gluten intolerant and don't think I have celiacs as such. I have a few questions so firstly let me share my little journey.

The whole of the last year has been extremely stressful, my psychologist has referred to it as chronic stress and has explained how our bodies manifest physical symptoms when we are in this situation. The most stressful time was last August to November. In August, right when the stress was starting to increase my daughter has bad gastro. I didn't get it as such but I noticed that I started getting bad pains in my abdomen and for the first time I experienced real bloating. After a month of this my Dr said I was 'experiencing IBS' and just said to eat a bland diet. A friend suggested going gluten free so I did. The change was instant, the day I went off gluten I felt better.

I went back to my Dr and told her this after I'd been gluten free about two or three weeks and she did a blood test for Celiacs Disease. I never got the call back so it was negative. I've been since told that I would have needed to go onto gluten again for a few days for the test to be properly done but my Dr never mentioned this.

As time has gone on I've been 'mostly' gluten free. No cakes, biscuits (I'm an Aussie so that would be cookies), pasta or bread that wasn't gluten free. I've still had some sauces which have a wheat base but didn't notice that they effected me a lot.

In January I had a whole week where I was extremely depressed. I felt fatigued, unmotivated, miserable and disconnected. After some time in prayer I was able to mostly snap out of that but still had many of the physical effects of stress.

I started seeing a psychologist this February which is helping a bit.

Finally, I was feeling really rotten, I've had episodes of zig zag vision, heart palpatations (have had both tested) and burning face sensations. Some symptoms last a long time some go away and are replaced with a new one.

I went to my Dr again and she changed my hormone levels as she thought thats what was causing some things and she did a blood test for iron. She told me 'oh your iron count was ok last time we checked at 36'. I've discovered recently that this is actually borderline. My iron results came back lower at 26. She asked me what I thought caused it and I said it had to be being gluten free for six months. The reason I said this is that I haven't been very good with balancing my diet at all. There were days when I skipped lunch because I just didn't know what to have apart from a sandwich or I didn't have the energy to cook up some rice. There were many times that I would eat rice with ketchup on it only and of course I'd eat porridge or gluten free cereal instead of the normal iron based ones. I've read since that low iron is usually a sign that you HAVE celiacs.

I've also gone lactose free recently which has helped even more.

My current symptoms include a tight chest, sometimes headaches, sometimes a lump in the throat sensation, faintness and weakness and gassyness!

I'm wondering if anyone else has been through this sort of thing. Do you think that my celiacs test could have been wrong? I have lost weight since I've gone gluten free, I put this down to my bad diet and also a reduction in baked goods, bread and pasta. There have been times when I've battled my brain as I've been convinced I've had MS, Cancer, Diabeties and silent migranes. My Dr doesn't think so. My inflammatory markers were checked in January and were all fine.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I'm taking St John's Wort, a multivitamin, magnesium, low dose organic iron supplement with vit C and sometimes EPO. Too many pills!!

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