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I Have Celiac, My Kids Have Dq2/dq8, Would You Take Them Gluten Free?

18 April 2011 - 06:49 PM

Hi! Last year, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (and microscopic colitis) after a very high TTG antibody and colonscopy and endoscopy. My middle son (3) was also tested and had high antibodies (TTG=91) but endoscopy was negative for celiac (although we did find out he had lactose intolerance...which of course goes hand-in-hand with celiac!). Pediatric GI said let's test him again in 6 months. I really couldn't believe this was the advice I was getting but went with it. In 6 months when we retested, we did the gene test this time. He has the DQ2 and DQ8 which are the major celiac genes. He has been gluten free for almost 2 months now. My youngest son (1 year) had the gene test this month and came back with the DQ2 and DQ8.

What would you do? The doctor did not order the antibody test this time for him, only the gene test so I don't know if his antibodies were high. Would you go ahead and take him gluten free since his brother and myself are already gluten free? I really don't see the need to feed him gluten filled foods like poptarts, donuts from the bakery, and regular pizza to have to possibly take it all away one day. I love to bake so I make a lot of "like" gluten-filled foods but they are not the same but he will never know the difference! The only thing that complicates it is that they both go to daycare so it is an ordeal to coordinate what they will eat and it gets expensive and time consuming! Advice???

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