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Member Since 18 Apr 2011
Offline Last Active Apr 30 2011 01:05 PM

Topics I've Started

Friend Doesn't Get It

23 April 2011 - 01:17 PM

My friend said that she's making kuskus (this rice stuff that has gluten in it) for dinner and she's going to make me eat it. And I was like no I'm not! I can't have it! And she knows I can't. And she said too bad I'm making u eat it and I said no I'm not eating it! She said that it won't mater if I have a little bit but it does. After having one bite of gluten I get the symptoms for two days!! And she said "then what are you going to eat?" and I said idk.. I'll eat a gluten free sandwhich or something. and she's like whatever I'm making it. What should I do? She doesn't get it!!! And there's no way I'm eating it! Ugghh! And she always rubs it in my face that I can't have gluten. And I say it's not that big of a deal and she says "yes it's a huge deal. Gluten is in everything." and she says that gluten free food isn't real food. She's really annoying me right now..

I Want To Make Some Friends With Celiac

21 April 2011 - 05:23 PM

im 13 and was diagnosed with Celiac 2, almost 3 weeks ago. does someone have celiac all of their life or can they develop it? cus if u develop it, i probably did 3 years ago. when i have gluten i have joint pain. also i have to take 5,000 iu vitamin D pills a day. does that mean my vitamin is REALLY low? or is that a normal amount to take? ive noticed that when i have gluten i get moody <_< what happens to you when you've been glutenized? lol. how did u find out that u had celiac? do u know anyone around ur age with it? i don't i and really wish i did cus thatd be so fun to talk about with each other.

Im New To This Whole Gluten-Free Thing. Any Advice?

18 April 2011 - 05:02 PM

im 13 and i recently found out that i have celiac disease 2 weeks ago. so i have tried my best to not eat it but i do by acciedent a few times. yesterday i had one bite of gluten and i think im getting a lot more sensitive to it since i haven't had it at all, for a week since i ate the gluten. is this possible? and i get joint pain when i have gluten, but is it possible for my joints to start hurting only an hour after accidentally eating gluten? thats what happened to me yesterday and my joints still hurt today.

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