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Member Since 25 Apr 2011
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Constipation And Indegestion

28 July 2012 - 12:37 PM

Alright, so a while back, at least 6 months ago, i started having chronic constipation, to the point where i drink a senna tea 1-3 times a week to keep regular,

well a few days ago, i started getting what i assume is indigestion, nausea, hot flashes, little abdominal pain, after eating. one maybe 2 antacids and the indigestion was gone. and i felt OK, well this indigestion went on for 3 days, all 3 of these days, i did not need my laxative tea to have a bowel movement, i was able to just go, a few times, when i had the urge in the morning a little after waking up.

well on the 3rd day of this little indigestion episode, i noticed a bowel movement wasn't as easy, the indigestion went away that day, and the constipation came back,

i tried to jump my fiber intake that day to keep it going, but no luck, I'm back to my constipation, i have no clue why, anyone have insight?

Edit: im not trying to be obscene or anything, but during the indegestion time, i woke up with anerection, which was normal for me, i believe that stopped when the celiacs started, not sure thouh,

Worried Yet Cannot Help.

14 October 2011 - 05:56 AM

Alright, I know possibly no one here is a medical doctor or able to give medical advice, i am just really worried because this is an ongoing problem, and I cannot be racking up anymore bills with hospitals.
I would like to post some logs ive been keeping for the past month and get an idea of what nmy problem maybe,
but to be recent,
I have been having problems with constipation for 3 weeks now, I have been doing stool softeners and natural ways to evacuate bowels, but i cannot keep any regularity, now either yesterday or 2 days ago, i had a sharp pain in the upper abdomen. it lasted 1 second, but it was sharp and caught my attention, and im now worried, the one that happened this morning was sharp, lasted a second went away as fast as it came, but it was sharp and caught my attention, but what i noticed it was after i ate 2 sausage patties, so im wondering if it maybe something related to greasy foods ? or maybe the glass of milk last night ?

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