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Ttg Levels Gone Down While Eating More Gluten!

28 June 2011 - 04:35 AM

Has anyone ever had their levels go down while eating gluten?

I recently had a biopsy which was negative. I was eating increased gluten during the 8 weeks leading up to my biopsy, but I just got the results back from the final 'base blood test' I requested. I wasnted one final blood test before going gluten free, so I could compare it in 8 months time after being strict gluten free. (I got the idea from here ;) )

But my level of Ttg has gone down from 26 on a light gluten containing diet down to only 7 after two months of heavy gluten. :blink:

My GP still wants me to stay gluten free for a few months to see if my iron levels go up. He's thinking maybe it's gluten intolerance causing the malabsorption....

But gluten intolerance would not cause raised auto immune antibodies would it?

So I guess the initial raised Ttg must not be gluten related at all.... Luckily I did get this base blood test, or I would have assumed in 8 months time that my negatie blood test was due to being gluten free.

Also, I've only been gluten free for 6 days and my head is clearer, and belly a bit less bloated.
Any thoughts?

Biopsy Results In Already

16 June 2011 - 10:07 PM

Well it came back negative :( I'm upset with myself for spending so much money on something I knew had a significant chance of coming back negative even if it was positive....

I don't have any of the other conditions that cause the raised tTG, and it's going up slowly, so I'm taking it as celiac disease, like you've all been telling me over the past months :rolleyes: ;) I just wondered if early osteo arthritis might cause the raised ttg, but apparently it's the autoimmune one which can cause that, which i def dont have.

So I have an appointment with Dr on Monday to take one last base blood test and then I'm gluten free strict strict strict for at least 8 months. Then I'll do a repeat blood test to satisfy my own curiosity. But I'll commit to 8 months. I hope to feel a lot better soon too :)

Thanks for all the advice and support, sorry I've been such a pain with all the waiting etc My husband doesn't want to hear about it anymore, I guess I've been unbearable..

Did You Have + Ttg?

16 June 2011 - 04:04 AM

As per usual, I'm going crazy waiting for my results. this time the results are for the biopsy. I might get them next week.

I should have put this poll on here 8 weeks ago, but it didn't occur to me then. I've been reading other research etc, but this would have been a great place to start.

Ok, so I'm trying to establish the likelyhood of getting a positive biopsy after having positive ttg.

I've read some articles that say, once you have enough ttg in your blood for a + result, then it must be so high in your intestine that there should already be the damage.....

So, if you had +ttg, was your biopsy + or - ?


Some More Results In

14 June 2011 - 10:22 PM

I just had my biopsy taken (ie a few hours ago) and will get my results back next week, but he gave me a copy of the report.

It said that everything looked normal except that the 'Z line was abnormal at 40cms' and this was 'possibly from reflux'.

Does anyone know what a 'Z line' is?

He took the 6 biopsys but all looked normal. :unsure:

Anyway, I also got the results back from a faecal test which I'm hoping someone can explain to me.

I thought he was looking for malabsorption and this is what the report says.

Faecal Pancreatic Elastase

Faecal Elastase > 500 Ref range (>200) ug/g faeces

What was he looking for with this does anyone know, and does this mean mine was within normal limits?

I think I must be one of the pple who don't have celiac disease who get a positive blood test. since so far it's not looking good for a positive result.

Although my iron levels are ALWAYS low even on constant supplements, my B12 levels were ok. My folic acid levels were ok too, but then, Ive been on folic acid due to being fertile and married etc.

From what I've read on here and heard from celiac's the GI can usually SEE the damage and see white patches etc when doing the gastroscopy.

Thanks for your help.

3 Qs, Stools, Challenge, And Ttg

07 June 2011 - 04:35 AM

Ok, trying to resist the urge to apologize for the whole TMI thing, it's not easy, to not give a warning, and I guess I'll get used to it. I noticed there is no 'blush' emoticon in here :P (ie don't be embarrassed!!)

Q 1 Anyway, what I am wondering is what would ones stool be like if they were malabsorbing? I had to give a stool sample today and they were testing for signs of malabsorption. I was just wondering if there are any characteristics common?

Mine kind of varies in it's abnormality, I guess depending on what I've eated. I dont want to go in to too much detail, but it definately had some specific characteristics which were not normal. I suspected it may have been 'fatty' or something...

Q 2 I have noticed when I first started eating heaps of gluten I was really sick, and 7 weeks down the track, I'm no where near as bad as I was when I first started. I am just wondering if this is normal or am thinking maybe my issues aren't gluten related.

Q 3 In the reading I'm doing it says that ttg iga, can be raised in people with arthritis. I was just wondering if this is the Rheumatoid arthritis only (the autoimmune arthritis) or if they mean the garden variety Osteo Arthritis?

Thank you.

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