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Member Since 05 May 2011
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In Topic: Allergy Diet

12 February 2012 - 06:42 AM

it has been a while since i been here

i have been involved in searching for grain free meals

i have been making almond coconut meal muffins found out that i can not even tolorate rice or grains or anything from the cereal family

since i gave up the cereal and grain family i have felt alot better no more desert feeling throat or feeling like i swollowed sand or powder

so in that aspect is great brain fog has calmed down as did virtigo
but boy do i ever know it if i have been glutenated wow or any of the other top 10 allergins

i made a wonderful turkey dinner by only useing qunioa flour buckwheat flour and arrowroot flour for the gravy and using honey for sweetning the squash, carrots and stirfryed in coconut oil aspargus garlic green beans and almond meal over top the almond meal kindof tastes like parmasaun cheese thats pritty cool

i made a coconut cream pie as well with almond meal agave and baking soda for crust and topping is 24hr cold coconut milk opened up from bottom pour out liquid whiped up the cream added coconut and sugar free vanilla pudding whipped that up and that was the topping omg talk about good now mind you when i used the pudding mix it was sugar free but also had aspratame in it and i did not really like the after taste of that so if i ever do that again im going to make sure that i have gluten-free vanilla and do a non aspratame version

mind you im still having a hard time trying to figure out what to have for breakfast cause alot of times my guts no not really want anything thats so solid
i have to try and find a nice soft soothing filling breakfast so i have alot of investagateing to do in the breakfast feild

so im off to do some searching have a great day everyone :)

In Topic: Allergy Diet

30 January 2012 - 03:04 PM

ok folks first off im feeling pritty good lately thanks to the L-G probiotics and digestive enzimes
the new doc says that the pro that i bought was the best on the market and made a good choice as well with the enzimes he just says keep doing what you are doing stay away from allergins keep going to the allergy dr and he will be currious to get a report back from the allergiest and to look at my file in the mean time do investagation your self choose healthy foods and i have to see him in 3 months
then we will disscuss further testing for intolerences and celiac and everything so thats good
i am able to tolorate sweet potato
i have also been drinking pau d arco tea with yerb mate they are both really good soothing too
so that is an update on me

In Topic: Allergy Diet

19 January 2012 - 04:25 PM

im in nova scotia canada
i have been looking at some of the tea's but alot of them have soy
i guess ill just have to keep trying them all until i find one i like i do like the pau d arco tea mind you i can not drink too much of it due to it's strongness
and robooios tea thats nice
chai is a bit too spicey im goign to look for a nice one on friday :)

In Topic: Allergy Diet

19 January 2012 - 03:01 PM

i am excited to see a new dr

thanks so much this clears things up nicely
my head is not functioning very clearly

i do not know what has gotten into me but i ake all over joints ake muscle ake even my skin hurts i dont know if its malnutrition or malsorbition or is it the flu or what but all i know is i feel like total crap eyes are red and burn

i took an allergy pill today as well in hopes it could be allergies

mushroom what type of herbal teas would you suggest i see you have pritty much the same limitations as i do what is your fav herb tea to drink

In Topic: Allergy Diet

19 January 2012 - 07:34 AM

thanks mushroom
i was able to create a very healthy allergy safe coconut cream chicken soup with chicken breasts chicken broth leeks garlic curry just a touch tumeric ginger green beans carrot broccoli it is delish

i am getting confused when to take all this stuff
allergy med
digestive enzmies
l glutemeine

i took the digestive after i ate the soup and i made some squares from enjoy life gronola cocnut oil coconut cream milk agave coconut sugar cranberries cinammon it turned out pritty good

i can not wait to see the new dr hopefully he can send me for the proper testing

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