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Member Since 05 May 2011
Offline Last Active Jan 25 2014 06:01 AM

Topics I've Started

Feeling Fantastic

04 April 2012 - 01:23 PM

so sorry it has been a while since i have been here

i have been feeling fantastic these past few weeks
i have never looked so good either
i have droped 67 lbs and im now at my body weight for my hight 135

now i went through hell to get here
but it all changed
when i cut out all grains and cereal family foods along
basically i eat grain free lactose free nightshade free soy free

for morning i drink one glass of green smoothie and take one with me
2 big leaves kale 2 leaves romaine lettuce chia seeds about 2 pinches
pear and apple sauce and blend

yesterday i put mango in place of the pear

then i take something for lunch today it was qunioa flour almond flour herbmare chives onion flakes mixed that with chunked up boneless chicken breasts and baked and then made sweet potato fryes oh yummm hubby loved them

the other day i did a grain free pancake recpie useing almond flour eggs soda coconut sugar in a muffin tin just pour enough to coat the bottom then drop in supposed to be sauage did not have any so i put cooked chicken and baccon on top then poured rest of the pancake mixture on top works great if you do your batter in a blender then baked at 350 for 20 min it was great to take to work

then i got this great recpie im in love with grain free carob muffins omg to die for they taste like a cross between chcolate cake and brownie

i use coconut oil all the time for everything
my sweetners are coconut sugar and honey and sometimes a bit of agave if i run out but only use it if recpie calls for a couple of tbs if it goes into cups i use honey

now mind you if i try and say oh well a bit of this or that wont hurt it does so i am super strict with what i eat

i process my own coconut flour and milk open them up with a cork screw works wonders the pull down kind and then take it to a piece of cement like the basement stair and it cracks open nicely

im so happy i finally figured out what i can and can not eat

i also have been doing oil pulling i think that helps alot too

i highly recomend oil pulling

now that the brain fog is gone i can now go and get my licence and i am now learning a new job as an aprentance to a upholstery shop working monday - friday 9-5 its wonderful i love it so much and learning alot

Allergy Diet

10 January 2012 - 11:33 AM

ok so i saw the allergy doc today and he put me on this way of eating i dont think i can call it a diet but anyway here is what he says

keep taking nystead
keep a running list of all foods i react to
stay away from thoes foods
keep in mind of cross cont foods with birch ragweed grass and stay away
and ofcourse the usual stay nightshade free lactose free asid free soy free gluten free and if eggs upset your system stay egg free yeast free
let my stystem rest for a while keep it clean and stop pushing your self

i asked about chic pea flour and he asked why i need to try to put flours in your system i said cuase i would love a muffin scone buscit cookie bread roll anything like that and he laughed and well did not say anything after that

and visit was over left with a rx for nystead and to keep doing what im doing
what i am doing is going crazy trying to figure out what in the heck i am supposed to be eating

he gave me a guide it may be changed and altered

breakfast include protien in am to help
cooked Quinoa with cinamon agave and apples- ok system can not handle quinoa i have tryed it have reaction to apples of all kinds swelling behind ears acid feeling in guts burning

oatmeal same thing
yeast free toast - have not found any bread that my system likes

eggs- super sick to stomach

spelt - no to this gluten soy and yeast

green salad with dry spices and olive oil tryed it hurts besides its yucky

home made bone broth soups with green vegies
like everything he suggests on here i react to on this paper

i have a candidia fungal control diet but i react to so much on that list

im getting so overwhelmed and at such a loss to what i can and can not eat
what do i buy to eat
grocrie day is comeing up im out of everything i need to figure out a menu plan
and not only what can i buy to eat but also what can i drink i love to have something hot to drink cant figure that one out yet either guts are too sensitive

good greif :(

Recipe Help

04 January 2012 - 09:54 AM

i hope i am posting this in the right place being that i am quite sensitive to alot of things
i am asking what can i use in place of the buttermilk? i can use latcese milk do i add more butter to the amt of milk and if so how much i also plan on using cultured butter

for the sugar i bought a bag of corn maltodextrin ,sucralose (in gredients read corn maltodextrin sucralose 6 mg per 0.5g) says granulated sweetener calorie free execellent for baking measures cup for cup like sugar

now i have used it when i run out of agave my prefered choice so far im not sure if im really liking the after taste of it kindof yucky and im noticeing swelling behind my ears from just tasteing the coconunt milk tapicoa egg vanilla pudding mabe thas not such a good idea not too sure if the body is liking that taste test

haveing such a sensitive system im at such a loss as what to choose to eat this is why im looking for a safe muffin to eat

here is the recpie in question thanks in advance everyone :)

Pau D Arco Tea

23 December 2011 - 05:01 AM

does anyone drink this tea i thought i would see with all of you if it would be safe for me to drink
im being treated for candidia and leaky gut and i might as well talk to the dog for as much info i can get from my dr's so im hoping you all have suggestions on this tea


Leaky Gut And Rx

15 December 2011 - 01:14 PM

i have had leaky gut since feb of this year and i have been struggling with many food allergies that i was never allergic to before at least i did not think so
so my dr gave me a RX for amitryptilline 10mg and im scared to death to take them knowing that if a piece of bread causes a whole long list of symptoms what in the heck with amitryptilline do

im trying to eat simple and as clean as possible right down to drinking bottled water and the doc wants me to pump chemicals into my system just because i had back surg and now there is arthritice in my spine and lower back
yes it hurts yes it causes pain no i cant work but i also cant get disibility either cause im not suvere enough to be on pain meds

my god i have no idea what to do and this leaky gut has gotten to the point where im only eating lf milk chex roasted chicken romaine lettuce green beans and not much else all red meat hurts any amt of spices hurt and doc gave me gavascon for the burning oh yea great i turned my guts into a vocano reaction where i was puking up foam

so this is why i came here for some advice as what on earth can i do about this i really dont want to take this drug but everyone even dr said do it cause i want to see what happens if you get sick dont take it again but i dont want to do this to my self that would be like a someone saying oh you are allergc to wheat i dont believe you do it so i can see what happens

im so frustrated

thanks for listening

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