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Member Since 08 May 2011
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In Topic: Need Advice, Please!

30 July 2013 - 07:53 PM

Have they done a stool sample to check for intestinal bleeding? That's the first thing they did for my 2 yr old

In Topic: Save Me From My Mil

29 July 2013 - 01:25 PM

The teddy bit made me laugh!
She sounds a bit like my SIL, except my SIL is mean and rude with it, not sure about the teddy bit as well.
She's 70 so I guess it's part of aging! My FIL 90 yr old aunt stayed with us for 3 months she did things like scrub the writing off the front of our toaster oven, and now we don't know what dial is what! Told us we needed to hand wash clothes before using the washing machine, vacuumed the dryer after every time it was used. Washed the washing machine down with bleach every day. Reaaranged all jthe kitchen cupboards as things were in the wrongplace. We just lft her to it, and put things back the way they were when she left

In Topic: Need Potty Training Help!

28 July 2013 - 10:43 PM

It might be worth talking to your doctor about a bowel management programme. It basically involves set toilet times, for certain amount of time. It helped our daughters deal with my eldest going from being so backed up she was leaking up to 20 times a day, and my youngest who was so impacted she couldn't go. Miralax along with bowel retraining worked. Our ped said there bodies just need retrained to learn the signals. It's funny but my 4 yr old still goes at the set times without being told to! I say we are goin out her reply is I'm just going to the bathroom before we go! She potty trained in 3 days. My horrifically impacted 2 yr old turned round and asked for underwear and that was that. Be patient it will happen, her body has been through a lot, and you'll soon be loving the calls of mom im on the toilet come wipe my bum!

In Topic: Constipation. Anyone Want To Give Me Some Advice?

28 July 2013 - 10:37 PM

If it hurts to sit you probably have hard stool blocking everything else, it's just going to sit there and get worse, no amount of fluid and fibre is going to help. Get some Miralax, some versions are called laxaday. The actual ingredient in PEG 3550. Just ask the pharmacist for PEG they will know what it is. Th advice we were given by a gastro for 2 very urged up kids - take a double dose for 3 days, it will soften everything up and get it out, then take a normal dose for a few weeks to give your bowel a rest and a chance to shrink back to normal. As you've only been backed up a few days I'd try a the double dose for 1 day and a single dose for a week. That should solve you initial problem, but like other posters said you need to make sure the things you are eating are gluten free. C was our kids min sign of being glutened.

With the PEG you can't really overdose, if it turns to liquid poop, just lower the dose a little. We keep PEG in the house for accidental glutenings, my eldest is just getting over one, she was telling us she couldn't eat because her poop was stuck and food had nowhere to go. No amount of water, prune juice etc helped, the PEG cleared things out and she drank more than a liter of water today and has gone to bed a very happy 4 yr old again.

In Topic: Need Advice, Please!

28 July 2013 - 04:06 PM

What was she like as a toddler we are starting to suspect my 2 yr old has crohns but my MIL is 75 so can't remember what my husband was like at that age.

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