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Celiac Ninja

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#824799 Most Evil Wife Ever

Posted by Celiac Ninja on 21 September 2012 - 04:07 PM

Due to ongoing GI issues and other health problems for years I accompanied him to a recent appointment with his endocrinologist. When I suggested he may have celiac the doctor was all over it, when the blood tests were negative and I pointed out our insurance won't pay for a biopsy the doctor said he simply needs to be gluten free. So, yes, he is gluten free. Just another instance of how evil I am. :D

And yes, I am aware we technically could go a whole 2-3 hours without eating it's always been tradition to have candy or popcorn for a movie. It's just how it is, movie and a snack. Besides, you get in there and all you can smell is a metric butt ton of popcorn. If I didn't have a munchie I'd probably jump some kid and steal his popcorn or candy.

I totally understand the tradition for snackies at the movies. I use to, when single, wear baggy pants and sneak a ton in. Now that I'm married and was pregnant, I just whipped out the whole jar of peanut butter and a spoon in the theater and started munching and nobody bothered me lol They'd have to strong arm me to take my peanutbutter away :P
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