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In Topic: Sick To Starving/can't Break The Cycle

06 October 2011 - 11:57 AM

I can't thank you enough for these repsonses. I'm truly grateful for everything everyone has shared and I appreciate your time and your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences with me more than you know. I'm on a work deadline but am going to print these responses and go through everything, think about every comment and move forward from there. This is all truly invaluable information to me and again, I so appreciate your advice, opinions and encouragement. Thank yo so much!

In Topic: Sick Or Starving/any Advice?

12 July 2011 - 09:09 AM

I did a quick review but not all the way back on this. Have you tried a coconut kefir to help with gut flora? I know you want to/ have to stay pretty much vegan and don't tolerate many things but I wonder if, as I seemed to, you are not tolerating much because the gut flora is so out of whack. Soy hurt me worse than gluten. I think I probably suggested this already but Elaine Gottschall's book, "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" has a lot of good info past the whole specific carbohydrate diet angle and is a pretty fast read. It may not be the answer for you but might have some clues in there to help you get to the next step.

Thanks very much for these two new ideas. I agree the most important thing is to heal and move forward. Will keep trying, exploring and learning. Excellent advice, as always. You guys are so smart and helpful--thanks so much!!!!

In Topic: Sick Or Starving/any Advice?

11 July 2011 - 04:44 PM

Have you considered smoothies with pea protein and/or hemp protein?

Thanks so much for the replies. I have tried both pea protein and hemp protein (both is small quantities to start, etc.--never "over did it") and have similar reaction as to soy--not as bad as gluten and corn, but still a day of suffering with D, gas, cramping, nausau, etc. until it moves through. I can do limited amounts of hulled hemp seeds and chia seeds a day, which I will dutifully maintain. When I add more/too much these I also have problems.

Am determined to keep trying, just worried I'm still not getting enough protein and this could prove detremental in long run, etc.

Thanks again. The information and knowledge you guys pass out here every day is truly remarkable, empowering and life changing. Thanks again.

In Topic: Sick Or Starving/any Advice?

11 July 2011 - 03:33 PM

A) good, god NO. That's because you are empty! We've got to help you adjust your DIET.
B) You are working out on a diet like this?

Your approach at the end of the post seems like a reasonable start. Get more little nibbles in more often. ID more protiens. If you have to go back to meat you will surely, surely, have to nibble at it otherwise you will likely be violently ill after being vegan for 30 years. I am encouraged to read that you can get more of some things, like nibbling on a bagel. The fast that it's really hard not to eat the whole thing shows how hungry you really are. But, I wouldn't avoid it because of that - keep nibbling on stuff like that, every few hours. Maybe you can ease into being able to handle more, with time (lots of it)

Change is hard. I really hope we can help you through this. I know of a two dieticians that specialize in celiac disease that are here on the west coast. Would you, or have you ever considered seeing a dietician "online" or over the phone or something?? From what you are writing I think you do really need the help of a highly specialized professional on this one. I do wish you the best!!

This was so helpful to me. Almost a month later I have been able to completely avoided gluten and corn. I have tried so hard after learning from this site how bad it is to relapse/cheat. I feel much, much better but am still struggling to get enought protein from sources that don't upset me. Having been vegan for 20 years, I really do not want to eat meat or dairy. I tried to reintroduce soy recently and had some big problems with gas, bloating and feeling nausaus for 24 hours, etc.--which is better than the 3 days suffered at the hand of gluten and corn, but still not easy to tolerate. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds seem to be a problem (bad stomach pain, bad gas but not as much bloating and not other symptoms of gluten and corn)if I do more than a partial to 1 serving a day--which was hard for me to do when I last got hungry, but realize I hve no choice but to return to small portions, if any.

I may need to contact one of those celiac nutritionists you spoke of if I continue to have such problems. Is there a way I could obtain their name and number from you? Don't want to put you out or on the spot or be a bother or any way be a problem, but any advice you may have would be helpful and very appreciated as always.

Thanks so much.

In Topic: Soy Lecithin

15 June 2011 - 08:39 AM

Thank you so much! I guess I will have to keep looking:( We are avoiding gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, bananas, sweet potatoes and she can only tolerate little amounts of corn, so thank you again.

I can relate. It can be so hard to find good products that fit our needs. I found a "protein" bar called NuGo Free Dark Chocolate--it's gluten, soy and dairy free--they actually taste pretty good--decent chocolate flavor especially if you are otherwise limited and have a decent protein profile (I am vegan and have difficulty getting enough each day) they have some ohter flavors as well. I get them on Amazon. If you find any other products that are clean, please advise and I will do the same. Good luck! I feel for you!!!! :)

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