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Member Since 31 May 2011
Offline Last Active Mar 29 2012 07:03 PM

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18 October 2011 - 08:09 PM

I had a lot of health problems last year. Someone suggested gluten could be an issue so I started going gluten-free in the spring. I was diagnosed last summer and I went completely gluten-free. I also was told i had casein intolerance so i went of dairy. I was also told to avoid soy and corn. At times, I limited nightshades and grains. I noticed some improvements - skin cleared up, not constipated any more, warts went away, memory improved, brain fog lessened, better sleep, and mood stabilized. I wanted to feel better like I used to a few years ago when I had really stable mood, little to no brain fog, great concentration, good memory, energetic.

Since April, I have been feeling worse and I do not understand why. I have diarrhea, cannot digest food, and bad stomachaches. I am always tired, cannot remember, warts came back, memory has gotten worse, i have brain fog, am distracted, have poor concentration, and am irritable. I am in more pain - headaches, back, shoulder blades, feet, etc. I just do not feel like myself and my quality of life stinks. I also think I must have malnutrition again given the GI issues. I eat good strict gluten-free diet no cheating and it is not an issue of CC. I do not think it is another common food problem - soy, nightshades, corn, other grains, etc. Typical diet - fruit (depends on season - peaches, nectarine, banana, grape, pear, berries, melon, etc), veggies (yellow summer squash, zucchini, green beans, kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans, peas, asparagus, cucumber, celery, etc), meat (chicken, ground turkey, limited beef, lamb on occasion, no pork), nuts (mostly almonds, peanuts only on occasion), oil (extra virgin olive oil), himilaya sea salt. Supplements - digestive enzymes, serenaid. I have tried general vitamin supplements and ones that are supposed to help with GI healing, but they did not seem to make a difference or i felt worse. I do not think it is an issue of stress.

Any body have a similar situation? Any ideas as to what I can do to feel better?

Thanks for your any help, insights, or input you might have.

Outback Steakhouse

18 October 2011 - 07:42 PM

I ate at Outback Steakhouse for the first time ever. I do not think I had been there even before being diagnosed and going gluten-free. I went there because of their free steak promotion. I asked about how I could have my steak done and not have to worry about CC. The waitress brought me out a gluten free menu. :o I never had a special menu before at any restaurant. gluten-free stuff was either on the regular menu or they were like gluten-free what is that :huh: or what is the big deal about gluten-free. so not only was there a special gluten-free menu so we could all save ourselves a lot of time and trouble and disappointment but it also included instructions on how to order things and options. i was impressed. the server was so sweet and helpful. the food was good. the challenge was my other food issues that are not so mainstream. but yay for progress in the gluten-free arena. :D best wishes in ur dinning endeavors and hope u have a good experience if you try outback.

Private Messages

17 August 2011 - 07:53 PM

I have sent private messages to several people. I have not heard back. Is this a technical issue? Is it that people prefer the boards to PMs? Did I just manage to message several people who are not on the board any more? Is it something else? :?


18 June 2011 - 06:37 AM

What is the difference between bumping and responding to an old post because it is interesting? Is it better not to reply to old posts? On another board, I did not know it was an issue and I was just so excited about what I read that I posted and the moderators deleted it. I do not want that to happen again, to get a warning, or get kicked off this fabulous board, so I thought I would ask to avoid having a problem. Thanks. :-D

Hiding Personal Information

31 May 2011 - 08:02 PM

How do I hide my personal information (last name, address, phone) on my profile/ member information page? I do not see a hide option. When I tried deleting it, I got a message saying it was a required field.


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