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Member Since 12 Apr 2005
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Topics I've Started

Not Sure What Is Wrong With Me!

23 January 2007 - 07:36 AM

Ok, so I have been gluten free for about 18 months. Went to a new doctor, because I moved and I have been really suffering for a year at least. I can't keep from getting sick for more then a few days. THe last month has been miserable. I have lost another 8 lbs. I have gotten to the point of being unable to eat hardly anything and am terrified of food making me sick. My heart has been racing, very cold all the time, eating ice constantly and horrible stomach problems. I will have attacks where I feel like my stomach is just "swollen" everywhere and feel like throwing up.

So, I saw a new GI doctor that I absolutely loved. He reviewed my blood work and feels that I definitely do have celiac disease, but feels I am not healing or getting gluten. Or it could be something else going on too. For now I am living on Ensure and my colonoscopy and endoscopy are day after tomorrow. I am having an Iron INfusion today, because I am anemic and my iron is so low. This has been a very long two years and I just want to feel better.

I have three young boys to care for and hate being sick. I am terrified of food! I don't know how I will ever start eating normal again. It is very frustrating, because I have been unable to eat. I have tried just about every diet. My mom is accusing me of having anorexia, which I don't think is the problem at all. I have been so sick, I don't want to eat. I do feel like I need to somehow find a better relationship with food. THe doctor says we will work on that later, after we figure out why I am so sick. I hope he figures it out.

Can anyone reassure me of the colonoscopy prep?? I am terrified! I have to drink 3 ounces of Fleet phosphosoda and take 4 dulcolax! I think it might kill me. Plus my test isn't until late afternoon. I will be starving by then.

Well, thanks for listening. I am So hoping I can get better. Drinking Ensure is getting old already and it has only been like a week.

Mini York Peppermint Patties

24 December 2006 - 08:09 AM

Does anyone know if these are gluten free. I read somewhere that peppermint patties were gluten free and didn't even think about the mini one's. I have a pretty bad gluttening the past few days and was wondering if these could be the culprit.

I also ate at Chipotle's and the reaction started about 24 hours later. I have been awake for two nights at least half the night. It is the holiday and weekend, so I can't contact them myself.

Thanks so much,

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