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In Topic: Gi And Dietitian

11 October 2011 - 11:58 PM

I'm sorry I haven't replied back in such a long time. I was actually hoping that I would have all of my "mystery test results" back by now before I replied here. But weeks later and most of them are still a mystery! All I know at this point is I definitely don't have Crohn's or cystic fibrosis, and I have a weak positive on an ANA test, and that my IgG is positive. It was 70-something, but I was told this patchy news by a very incompetient receptionist. Everyone seems to be scratching their heads, and my GI wants a rheumatologist to comment on my results. I'm assuming this is because of the weak ANA positive and his insistence that my problems are not food related at all. Despite the fact that for whatever reason, gluten/wheat/barley DOES bring on 80% of my symptoms. Most of the others seem to be triggered by the other foods I'm beginning to figure out. Besides, isn't the IGg something to do with the celiac panel?

Thank you for the advice, both of you. I have been trying to simplify things and stick to foods that seem safe to eat for now. So far it's chicken, turkey, lamb, most fish, gluten-free pasta, gluten-free rolls, plain tomato soups, and gluten-free cornflakes (though I'm slightly suspicious of Corn at the moment) brocolli, green beans, lettuce, hazelnuts and almonds, spinach, quinoa (I seem to have issues with rice, but quinoa is fine) other veggies in very small amounts, bananas, blackberries, raspberries, white grapes, and dairy. I'm very reluctant to cut out dairy because of my weight problem, dairy is a very easy way for me to try and add extra calories to the day and it doesn't seem to cause me any problems. I'm able to handle vanilla icecream, custard and dark chocolate as long as it has no added nasties like gluten, fructose corn syrup, and so on. I've gained a couple of pounds eating this way for a few weeks, so until I know what's going on with my doctors I'll just stick to this and keep an eye on corn and dairy for a bit. I also started taking some papaya enzymes with larger meals which seems to help a LOT. :D

I'm just a bit scared still with how insistent the GI is on my problems being something like Lupus, and I'm worried that this weak positive is beginning to indicate I could have something like that on top of all of these food issues. I will definitely get copies of all of the tests I had done as soon as I can figure out where to get them from, seeing as it seems like my GI doesn't even have all of them himself yet!

Is there any point in me going to my GP to ask if I could have some blood tests done to check vitamin levels? Because everyone is still ignoring my anemia, my B12 and folate levels haven't come back yet, and I'm curious to see if I'm lacking in anything. Maybe I could see if I'm low in anything and try taking some suppliments in the time being to see if it helps with my health in the meantime?

In Topic: Mcflurries?

05 September 2011 - 05:57 AM

Thanks T.H, I understand. But does that really mean that something labeled "gluten free" that includes dextrose or glucose syrup that could be from wheat in the UK? Looks like I'm going to have to harrass some companies if that is the case because that could be why I haven't been seeing as much progress in the last couple of weeks. About a week ago I tried some rice noodles that were supposed to be "suitable for celiacs", but they contained barely amylase? Result was immediate bloating and problems the next morning.

The ingredients listed "glucose syrup" with no declaration of source. There was no indication at all of "WHEAT" or any other allergen on the label. How does one know the source of the glucose syrup on this label? Is there any assurance that it is NOT derived from wheat?

I'm beginning to feel like I can't trust any food company now! Gluten free really should mean 100% GLUTEN FREE. <_<

In Topic: Mcflurries?

01 September 2011 - 11:55 PM

Thanks for the replies everyone! Whether the problems are CC or an ingredient I'll definitely cut out the Mcflurries now, I can live without them for better health. I'm enjoying healthier snacks now anyway. I know it's been a bit of a risk to think they were okay, I was hoping they were okay more due to wishing I could join in with the household when they fancy something. We have a very nice Indian restaurant locally that claims to serve dishes suitable for celiacs, but I've been glutened from their food twice now. Maybe I will have to suggest a movie night with some safe popcorn. :P

I'm sorry I should have mentioned, I'm from the UK. I'm still struggling to grasp the rules for labeling over here, especially with things like sources of dextrose and glucose syrup. Very rarely have I seen these two ingredients labeled as corn or wheat. Even on some products that are supposed to be gluten free or "suitable for celiacs." Labeling rules should be universal, companies make everything a lot more complicated than needs be. I'll give those links a read.

Again, thanks everyone. Lesson learned, McDonalds is not worth it. And I should probably start taking my sensitivity to gluten a bit more seriously.

In Topic: Do You Find You Are More Sensitive The Longer You Are Luten Free?

13 August 2011 - 12:03 AM

I've definitely experienced this recently. Before I realized it could be gluten that was bothering me, I had problems like severe insomnia, constipation, bloating, constant brain fog and lightheadedness, higher anxiety, etc. These things are bad, but after having doctors tell me there was nothing wrong I was beginning to just accept this as something to expect every day. Everything was getting worse at a slow pace.

I went gluten free for 3 or 4 weeks, and now my reactions are terrible. I've spent almost a week now recovering from a stupid experiment that involved eating a muffin. I was bed-ridden with stomach cramps that prevented me from walking, terrible nausea, constipation, bloating, and I was on the verge of having panic attacks on my worst day. I felt like I was dying! The week was comparable to how ill I felt when I got swine flu, and that was no fun at all.

For some people, I think once your body knows what it's like to be free of a substance that is causing it damage, it REALLY lets you know if you're under attack again. :lol: Whereas before if you're eating daily doses of gluten there is no real time for your body to swing from recovering to being newly damaged again. If that makes any sense.

In Topic: Glutened?

12 August 2011 - 11:41 PM

Don't worry, I did indeed check beforehand. It's been a few days now and the pain has eased off a lot and I can eat food again. I'm just dealing with feeling a bit weak and fragile. Unless my specialist finds anything else in the future, I'm going to assume that this was an example of one of my "bad" reactions to gluten! At least I learnt my lesson, now I have to reverse the damage and somehow gain the 5 pounds back that I lost.

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