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In Topic: Confused Boyfriend Of Someone With Celiac's

Today, 02:56 PM

Just to clarify what RMJ said about amounts of gluten that some folks can tolerate - The "standard" is under 20 parts per million. That is what most gluten-free foods are tested to. There are some folks who are "supersensitive" and cannot tolerate even that much, but I didn't want you to make the mistake of thinking a little is OK.


The 20PPM test means there are 20PPM or LESS. Tests that will detect even lower amounts are difficult and very expensive, and since "experts" have determined that MOST celiacs can tolerate that much, that is the test most companies use. Somewhere around here there is a picture of a piece of toast with a tiny black dot on it that illustrates what 20PPM looks like. That dot is a lot smaller than the average crumb. So be aware that one little crumb will make her sick and damage her body.

In Topic: Omg Nefarious Gluten!

Today, 10:36 AM

I keep a small magnifying glass in my purse so I can read the tiny writing on labels. It stinks that this happened but now that you know you can get back on track and who knows, maybe you'll find out that some of the stuff you thought was making you sick really wasn't.


So get a magnifying glass, go through everything in the house to double check it, then do another elimination diet. Yeah, it's a royal pain, but maybe this time the results will be good. Think positive and accept my (((((HUG))))) - it won't make you feel better but know that it is heartfelt.

In Topic: Struggling...

27 March 2015 - 02:13 PM

It'll get easier. I know that sounds hollow right now but it's true. I watch people eat "regular" food all the time and while it bothered me at first, now I see a skull and crossbones superimposed on anything with gluten. I wouldn't even be tempted.


So don't give in. One moment of pleasure isn't worth the damage to your health.


And remember, if you need to rant, we are here for you. We've all been through it and we all GOT through it. You will too.



In Topic: Possible Dh Rash (Pics)

27 March 2015 - 11:14 AM

Mitchgam, will you please stop!? One of the rules on this forum is that things posted must be able to be backed up with scientific evidence. You have consistantly refused to show any scientific studies showing the things you allege. On top of that, you refuse to read any of the studies I and others have posted that prove you are wrong in almost everything you say about DH. We are here to HELP people, not to give them myths and bogus information!

In Topic: Multiple Food Intolerances - Do They Ever Go Away?

21 March 2015 - 04:17 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I tried blueberries about every six months. They are my favorite and  I was determined to get them back. It took three and a half years but I've got them back now.