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Member Since 08 Jun 2011
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Sunmaid Golden Raisins

25 July 2015 - 03:25 PM

I keep hearing about gin soaked raisins. The People's Pharmacy on NPR was talking about them again this morning and they claim that for some reason they work for arthritis pain. The recipe calls for golden raisins and they think it might be something about the sulfites reacting with the juniper in the gin.


So anyway although the regular raisins are gluten-free, Sunmaid's website says the golden raisins are made in a facility that processes wheat. gluten-free Watchdog checked them out but I can't get the report because I'm not a subscriber. Anybody here had them? I really want to try this because the arthritis in my wrists is getting a lot worse and I need my hands!


15 July 2015 - 12:04 PM

So my friend Bonnie who lives in a senior housing place came in yesterday all sad because they took her friend Harold to hospice. Harold was so worried about what would become of the cat that was his whole world. Well, I said I'd go down and see. If I WAS going to get another cat I wanted an older cat who had lost her "mom". I wanted a little girl kitty with short hair who was an indoor only cat.


Well, Patches is a big boy kitty with long hair, but they told me Patches was shy and didn't like people he didn't know. I walked in and Patches was all over me, head butting me and purring and rolling around on the floor. The people were amazed.


And Patches came home with me. He's HUGE! He must weigh 20 pounds! Black and white and SO affectionate. He's too big to fit in my lap but he likes to lie on the couch next to me with his head in my lap. And he likes to "hold hands". He puts all four of his huge paws against the palm of my hand and then he falls asleep. He likes his belly rubbed. And he eats yogurt. (I got a whole list of instructions from Harold.)


Bonnie went up to see Harold last night and told him she had found a great home with someone who would love Patches and spoil him rotten.


Harold died this morning, and I promised that when Patches dies I will have him cremated and the ashes buried with Harold.


But in the meantime I have a new best friend. :wub: I will miss Grommit forever and I'm sure Patches will miss Harold forever, but we're going to make each other happy for as long as we can. Patches is 12 and a half years old and other than being overweight he's very healthy.


Life is good.


23 June 2015 - 01:27 PM

You know, it's funny how folks on an internet chat board can become such good friends. So you folks are the first ones I've told this to.


My kitty died a couple of hours ago. Yes, her name was Grommit. She was 16 years old and moved out here to South Dakota with me 11 years ago.


She's been fading the past few months. Lost weight and all. She was still eating and drinking and jumping up on the bed to wake me several times a night. She was still under my feet all the time and purring and happy.


But last night when I got home she seemed to be in pain and couldn't walk much. Her feet kept going out from under her. She went into her favorite spot on the bathroom rug and lay down. I sat up and petted her and talked to her most of the night. She seemed to quiet down (I think the pain was in her legs). When I got up this morning she hadn't moved so I stayed home and repeated the petting and talking. She was unconscous but I think she knew I was there.


About one o'clock this afternoon she took her last breath. I wrapped her in an old shirt and left her there and came to work. (I've got to give lessons this afternoon.) When I get home tonight my "son" is coming over with a shovel and we're going to bury her in the yard.


She was my best friend for the past 16 years and I'm going to miss her so much.


Guess it's time to buy an alarm clock.

I'm Back And I'm Sick

11 June 2015 - 09:47 AM

Hi everybody. Computer problems have kept me away for the past week or so. Got that solved but during that time something happened. I can't figure it out.


I have not eaten anything different, yet I have all the signs of a glutening. My psoriasis is flaring and both my hands and feet feel like they're on fire. My ankles are swollen and I've been getting charlie horses. My insomnia is unbearable. My gut aches after I eat. And - WARNING: TMI - although my stool is fairly solid there is blood INSIDE it, kind of like the white cream inside those caramel candies. Solid poop with a red center. (Sorry.)


The only thing I can figure is something I have been normally eating is CC'd. Or maybe I'm having problems with a new intolerance? Anyway, I am miserable. My hands hurt so badly it's almost impossible to play guitar so when students come for lessons we work on music theory. (I can do that with paper and pen instead of a guitar.)


It looks like I am going to have to do another elimination diet. :( I was so happy to be gaining back all of those foods, and now I have probably lost them again. I'll have to get it down to meats and vegetables for a while. YUCK! Although those are OK, I'm going to miss my grilled cheeses and my ice cream and everything else.




11 April 2015 - 09:48 AM

Looks like Kimberly-Clark (the makers of many paper products) are now making TP and paper towels out of WHEAT STRAW!!! They say they will be shipping this stuff to sports venues and colleges. One more thing for us to watch out for! :angry:




Just imagine - you bring your own snacks to the ballgame so you know you will have safe food to eat. You go wash your hands, dry them on wheat straw and then eat. You'll be wondering how in the world you got glutened. GRRR...

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