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Member Since 15 Jun 2011
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Topics I've Started

Harry And David Ham?

23 December 2011 - 08:37 AM

So my aunt is serving a ham with glaze from Harry and David. None of the ingredients listed indicate the presence of gluten. I called the customer service line and was told that since it's not actually labeled gluten free, that it was not gluten free. What am I supposed to think? Has anyone eaten this ham and been fine?

Update On My Daughter

03 December 2011 - 10:48 PM

An update - I am not sure what to think anymore.

A little background: My DD began having D at the age of 13 months 4 to 5 times per day that continued for nearly 2 months. Her height is in the 95th percentile, and her weight is in the 60th percentile, so good there but she has an enormous appetite. Her celiac bw came back normal, which is not uncommon from what I understand for such young children. 6 weeks after the onset of her problems, I decided to go gluten free for myself (my bw was also neg but symtpoms have improved), hence the whole family now eats gluten free meals. DD has still been having gluten filled cookies and crackers and such for snacks, but her D really improved although she was still having D 4 times per week, but only having BMs once or twice a day. She also began drinking lactaid milk at about the same time as our family began having gluten free meals. So who knows what helped!?!

At the age of 17 months, she began vomitting. Over a three week time period, she vomitted 4 times. Her P Dr. put her on Zantac for reflux. Last week I followed up with her GI Dr. about the Zantac and she ordered an xray of her intestines to determine if she had a buildup of stool, which in fact she does. Now I have been instructed to do a 2 day Miralax cleanout. The GI also told me to continue the Zantac for 2 more months, then to reduce the dosage for a month before stopping it all together.

I told the GI that I no longer care about testing and am going to start a strict gluten-free diet for my daughter. She agreed, although she doesn't really think gluten is the answer, but told me I should reintroduce gluten after 6 months for a challenge, then to repeat testing. UGH!!

Anyway, to sum it up - could a child who presented with chronic D began having reflux and build-up of stool on a gluten-lite diet? I really believe she will get better on a gluten free diet, at this point I feel bad for keeping her on it as long as I have while I have suspected gluten is the issue for the past 6 months. Niether her ped. or the GI believe gluten could be causing the issue, I guess they just want to humor me, but who cares! Any advice or insight would be welcomed. Thanks!

Zantac And Difficulty Sleeping

17 November 2011 - 08:02 PM

My 18 mo DD just started taking Zantac 2 weeks ago. She hasn't been napping as long as she usually does, only 1 hour when she usually naps for at least 3 hrs. after lunch. She has also been waking up really upset, whereas she usually wakes up and talks to herself in her crib for a while before I go in and get her up. Today and the day before yesterday, I forgot to give her her morning dose, and she slept really well at naptime and wike up happy. Has anyone else had this experience with their little ones? I am thinking of calling the Dr's office tomorrow. She takes another dose at night, and continues to sleep thru the night.

Favorite Flour Blend?

12 November 2011 - 04:55 PM

Typed on my phone - sorry for typos!

I am finally getting up the nerve to try some gluten-free baking after nearly 4 months gluten free since the holidays are approaching. I also want to share my love of baking with my daughter and have realized I don't want to give up the fun of baking and the special memories we will make together. Some of my best childhood memories are the ones with my mother in the kitchen.

From reading previous post, I understand it is best to use a blend of flours when you bake. I see the the King Arthur blend is popular, would you advise me to start using it or make me own blend? Any other tips for substituting gluten-free flours for wheat flour are welcome too! I admit I am really overwhelmed, but usually when that is the case it's not as difficult as I anticipated. Thanks in advance, I know this is the best place to get my answers :)

Thanksgiving Recipes

02 October 2011 - 06:30 PM

I know it's early to start thinking about Thanksgiving, but I can't help it! It must be the cooler weather :)

This Thanksgiving will be my first gluten free "food" holiday and I was interested in gathering all your tried and true recipes so I can start experimenting. I saw this thread earlier about pie crusts and will have to try the vinegar pie crust - http://www.celiac.co...5255-pie-crust/

The vegetable sides should be pretty easy to do gluten free. I'm more hesitant about traditional gluten-y foods. Does anyone have a good substitute for a graham cracker crust, dinner rolls (w/ yeast), pumpkin bread, cinnamon rolls, and stuffing (or dressing)? How about a vanilla wafer knock-off for banana pudding? If you have something else that is an absolute favorite I'd love to hear about that too!


Oops, I almost forgot about the gravy! How the heck do you make gluten-free gravy!?!

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